Eva Mendes doesnt like it when Ryan Gosling does dishes: thats my thing


Eva Mendes and her daughters Esmerelda, seven and Amada, six, are temporarily living in England with Ryan Gosling while he films his latest project. It’s nice that they can relocate as a family and work around everyone’s schedules. Including Eva’s, who made a quick trip to New York to film a segment with Hoda Kotb on TODAY to promote Eva’s new antimicrobial sponge. They ended up not talking too much about the sponge, which you can read about here, because they had a lot of other fun things to talk about instead. One of the things they discussed was about Eva’s connection to a clean house and I could almost relate to all of it. For the first half of her answer, I was with Eva 100%. Then she said she found dishwashing meditative, and I was like, hold up – what? But when she said she kicked Ryan out of the kitchen for doing the dishes because it was her thing, I had to tear up the Hecate’s BFF 4Eva t-shirts I’d made because what?!

Hoda Kotb: I love that one of the things that you’re obsessed with in your home is cleaning.

Eva Mendes: So I don’t love cleaning as much, I do love a clean house and equate it to my mental well-being. If my house is clean, I’m doing well. For me the kitchen is my domain and my sink, if my sink or when my sink is clean, I can sleep better, once my dishes are done. I find doing the dishes meditative.

Hoda: Oh, you do? Does Ryan love to do the dishes?

Eva: Ryan likes to get in there, but I think it’s unfair of him because he knows it’s my thing. I’ll walk into the kitchen and he’s doing the dishes and I’m like, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m doing the dishes.’ I’m like, ‘Why, that’s my thing! You’re doing it right in front of me. So disrespectful. Get out.’

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Like Eva, I don’t like cleaning my house, but I am affected when my house is not orderly. I happen to be a lousy housekeeper, but I am constantly putting everything back in its place because, as Eva described, the visual chaos agitates me. But that’s where Eva and I part ways. I clock out after dinner. Everyone is responsible for putting their dinner dishes in the dishwasher but everything else waits until I clock back in at 5AM the next morning. And I loathe doing the dishes. Just thinking about the act as I write this has me furrowing my brow. If Ryan Gosling stepped in my kitchen and washed so much as a juice glass, I’d build an altar to him next to the coffee maker. I get what Eva is saying, though. My meditative thing was walking the dog, but the dog could always go out for a walk so even if someone else took him out, I could take him again. If Eva finds peace in doing the dishes and looks forward to those moments of mindfulness, I understand her objection. I have to believe Ryan is doing it to be helpful, though. Like, maybe he’s just doing his dishes because he doesn’t want to leave a dirty kitchen. What I wouldn’t give to find dishwashing enjoyable… or to find anyone at my sink cleaning my dishes.

The interview ended with Hoda asking Eva who she wanted to wish a Happy Mother’s Day. Eva said her mother, also named Eva. So Hoda wished Mamma Eva Suarez and very Happy Mother’s Day. Eva emotionally thanked Hoda, saying, “She’s not doing too well right now, so, it means a lot to me. She’s a survivor in every way, thank you.” She didn’t elaborate but Hoda saw that Eva was quite affected and quietly asked if she was okay. Then Hoda popped up and gave Eva a big hug as the interview ended. It was a lovely moment. Here’s sending much love and well-wishes to both Evas.

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