Emma Chamblerlain Just Cut Her Hair Even Shorter

For those of us missing Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube videos (we’re happy for you Emma, just sad for us), we now have to find out about her major life changes like the rest of you, through Instagram.

Like the time she walked (and presented) the Met Gala red carpet revealing she had not only chopped, but bleached her hair as well.

While we mourn the days when Emma would have taken us on that hair transformation journey, we can’t imagine the pressure that comes from having millions of strangers watch your every minute on YouTube.

So if it means Emma is happier, we’re okay with the Instagram updates.

Like her latest one, which caught our eye because A) it’s confirmation that when it comes to sunglasses Princess Anne really is a trend setter, but B) it showed that Emma has cut her bob even shorter.

In a reference that will mean nothing to Emma, but everything to us. The length and middle parting is giving us all the Ben Adams from A1 vibes and while we don’t know if we’re ready to give boyband hair a try, we have to hand it to Emma for making it look damn cool.


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But the one thing that could be even more exciting than Emma’s hair? The video camera in her hands.

Could it be true? Could we really be seeing the return of the forehead kiss?

Only time will tell.

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