Emily Andrea says she’s worried for her whole family as five members work for NHS amid coronavirus pandemic

'It’s hard to know how much you should worry'

As one of us in the house has had coronavirus symptoms, I wasn’t in work last week as we were all self-isolating. We stay apart as much as we can, but obviously it’s not possible all the time.

The kids are playing together really well and they’re doing amazing with their school work. In a weird way it’s quite nice to see the stuff Millie is doing at school because a lot of it we don’t get to see. Sticking to a routine has been important when it comes to home schooling. We have one stuck up in the kitchen. The kids know that they have work to do but they also know for most of the day they can play and do other activities.

Pete has been brilliant as having all the kids at home is really hard. We’re not letting it worry us if they don’t get everything done one day as they’re doing so well and we don’t want to put too much pressure on them. They’ve actually really been helping us around the house. I joked to Pete that I never thought it would take a global pandemic to make the kids put their own washing away, but it’s finally happened! They even had the hoover out.

I do worry about my family though. Out of seven of us in the MacDonagh family, five of us work for the NHS. It’s difficult to say what the risk is to you as an individual because there are reports of doctors and nurses dying, but you could also contract the virus going to the shops. It makes it hard to know how much you should worry. I haven’t been wearing my NHS badge when I’ve been shopping because I read that some people were getting them stolen. I was also saddened to read about some NHS workers receiving abuse, which is terrible. I’m sure those people would change their tune if they were admitted to hospital and needed treatment!

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There has reportedly been a rise in domestic abuse incidents directly related to the pandemic. I can understand why domestic violence charities are worried because with everyone in lockdown, it doesn’t give the victims the opportunity to escape. The problem is that, understandably, there is a lot of focus being placed on coronavirus, but that can lead to other important things taking a back seat like mental health support and even some cancer treatment. That’s why everyone needs to take the government advice seriously so we can move towards lifting the lockdown and these people can access help.

I do think people are focusing a lot on the death rates, but they don’t give a real time snapshot of the number of deaths. Some of the deaths that are reported each day could have occurred days or weeks before. It was reported last week that a “record 381 coronavirus deaths have been announced” but that doesn’t mean 381 people died in 24 hours.

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Breastfeeding mums need to keep hydrated

Lucy Mecklenburgh recently shared a sweet picture of herself breastfeeding. The best thing to do whilst breastfeeding during this time is to make sure you stay hydrated and are eating a good diet if you can. You are passing on your immunity through breastmilk which at this time is really important, so keep up the good work! Last year Public Health England launched a new service delivering breastfeeding advice through Amazon Alexa, so if you are struggling remember there are plenty of places to get help.

What we’re watching

Once the kids have gone to bed me and Pete have been enjoying chilling out on the sofa and watching Netflix. We’re obsessed with Tiger King! It’s the most nuts thing I’ve ever watched. We keep looking at each other and gasping! If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a must.

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