Elvis Presley unmasked: Star’s ‘fear of being forgotten’ exposed

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The US-born rock and roll star, affectionately referred to as ‘The King’, suddenly died in his Graceland estate at the age of 42. Elvis was in poor health at the time, with an addiction to prescription drugs and unhealthy eating habits, which were believed to have contributed to his passing. While the Hound Dog crooner’s legacy remains forever immortalised in his songs, Elvis was concerned about getting older and his fame fading away.

His ex-wife Prescilla Presley, who bore his only child Lisa Marie, spoke candidly about the music legend and his concerns for the future.

She explained that “reaching 40 was a big deal” for him at the time and many considered themselves as “over the hill” at that age.

Ms Presley believed that Elvis “would have always sang” because it was “such a part of him” if he had not have died in 1973.

When asked by US host Larry King where his “fear of being forgotten” came from, she admitted that the insecurity started around his 40th birthday during a 2014 interview.

She said: “I mean it’s hard to believe now because 40 is nothing, it’s still so young.”

But Ms Presley felt he was most concerned that his international fame and looks would fade as he approached later life. 

She continued: “He didn’t want people to see him on-stage singing as a 40-year-old, what would he do?

“People would forget, you know, about him being old and how great he looked.”

Ms Presley also spoke of the star’s generosity and said he was a “great friend” and “very loyal” to those he loved.

Elvis was known to have given cars to those closest to him and once tipped a limousine driver his own limo. 

When asked whether money was “not important” to him, she explained that it “was an advantage” as he could buy what he wanted – but “he wasn’t really that attached to things”.

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She continued: “He was very generous… He felt like he wanted to make people happy. He wanted to give them something and put a smile on their face.

“He never forgot his humble beginnings, never… he wanted people to have things that he never had growing up and wished he could have. He was that good.”

Ms Presley admitted that the Elvis estate were “very picky” over what they decided to licence his image and songs to. 

She continued: “You do have to basically know who your fanbase is, you have to keep the DNA of who that person is. 

“You have to do what’s authentic to that icon, you can’t go off and veer off in another direction, it’s confusing – I mean who is he? 

“There are things that he just didn’t like, we wouldn’t put that product out on the market or try to sell it if it wasn’t him.”

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