Dr Christian Jessen shares bizarre message for Boris Johnson amid coronavirus

TV personality Dr Christian Jessen raised eyebrows on Monday night when he shared a rather bizarre message to Boris Johnson, after the Prime Minister was taken to hospital after testing positive for coronavirus.

Last night the PM was placed in the Intensive Care Unit after his symptoms ‘worsened’ with the showbiz world sharing its well wishes to the politician.

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As Linda Lusardi and Piers Morgan rushed to social media to post, Dr Christian chimed in.

He wrote: ‘Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery to @BorisJohnson -a Trojan in difficult times.’

A perfectly lovely message.

However, thinking perhaps people thought he was referring to the prophylactic version of a Trojan and not the warrior, the doctor thought he better correct himself.

He added, just to make sure his message was clear: ‘(Not the condom)’

Well, alright then.

We weren’t alone in wondering whether or not that follow-up was necessary as one of his followers replied: ‘Don’t think you needed that second comment…’

Another felt his bizarre comment, while no doubt innocent, came at the wrong moment, as they wrote: ‘Now is not the time. Fool.’

And one of Dr Christian’s followers was not a happy camper at all, as they asked him to rethink the note: ‘Trojan, delete and have some respect, this coming from a doctor is disgusting.’

On Monday the Prime Minister was taken to the critical unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in south London, the day after he was initially admitted suffering from ‘persistent’ symptoms of Covid-19.

Dr Christian has had a bit of a shocker as of late, after suggesting Italy – with the country having a death rate that stands at over 16,000 at time of writing – was using the pandemic an excuse to siesta.

‘This might be a little bit racist to say this, but you’ll have to make apologies, but do you not think it’s a bit of an excuse?’ he quizzed while appearing on FUBAR radio last month.

He added: ‘The Italians, any old excuse to, you know, shut down everything and stop work for a bit and have a long siesta!’

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