Don Lemon Breaks Down Talking About Chris Cuomo’s Diagnosis

Don Lemon broke down live on the air during his CNN show when talking about another anchor at the network, Chris Cuomo, who was diagnosed as one of the New Yorkers fighting against the global health pandemic.

At the end of a segment, CNN analyst Bianna Golodryga told Don, “You try to be stoic and focus on the headlines—it’s tough, it’s tough. I also feel for Chris and I know it’s tough for you and we’re all fighting and rooting for him tonight.”

Don then grabbed a tissue and got emotional.

“I said I wasn’t going to do this. Jesus. He’s probably sitting at home laughing at me. So, here’s the thing—when I walk into work every day—Chris and I are really good friends, we live near each other—so, when I walk into work every day, I have to walk by where Chris is, so I usually go to his office and then I say, you know, what’s doing, sometimes I bring in the dogs and we just say hello,” Don said.

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You can watch the video, released by CNN, below…

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