Chrissy Teigen’s bread recipes are saving everyone in coronavirus quarantine

It seems we’re all keen on baking more than ever during the coronavirus lockdown, with search for Chrissy Teigen’s famous recipes going up by a walloping 3,790%.

That’s a lot of rising dough, you know.

As coronavirus lockdown has us all spending more time in the kitchen, seeing as eating out is no longer a thing for the time being, Chrissy has seen a remarkable surge in search for her own goodies.

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According to TMZ, Pinterest has told the website ‘searches for Chrissy Teigen bread recipes have surged an incredible 3,790%’.

That is stupendously incredible.

The star is well known in baking circles for her banana bread (you only need to search ‘Chrissy Teigen bread’ in Twitter to see for yourself), so we can only gather people are flocking to Pinterest to nab that recipe.

Baked in a bundt tin, the recipe – which even Chrissy admits on her own website is ‘all over Google’, but has also shared it to Instagram for us – set the world alight when it was included in her cookbook Cravings: Hungry For More.

Chris agreed to trade the lettuce for half a banana bread and two slices of pie.

The deal with done, from a safe distance, and we can only assume it only encouraged a large chunk of us to whip that Pinterest search into a frenzy.

Happy baking.

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