Chris Brown Openly Wonders If People Can Name 5 Tinashe Songs

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Tinashe says she regrets her collaboration with Chris Brown — something he heard loud and clear, and which he didn’t kindly to … trashing her by suggesting she’s not big time.

The singer was on a podcast earlier this week and at one point, she was asked about her R. Kelly and CB joints in 2015 … which made Tinashe cringe, not to mention explain. She actually laughs out loud in distancing herself, saying she didn’t want to work with them.

For the R. Kelly team-up — ‘Let’s Be Real Now’ — she says she blocks that memory out of her mind. Tinashe also says it was strictly a label decision … and says the same thing applied for her Chris collab. From her POV, having him on the song didn’t make sense.

Of course, most media outlets ran headlines pointing out Tinashe seemingly bashing Chris — even though she really didn’t go all that hard on him — and Chris caught wind of it.

Chris Brown reacts to headline about Tinashe

He responded to an IG post that captured a headline which read, “Tinashe Regrets 2015 Collaborations with R. Kelly & Chris Brown: ‘That Is So Embarrassing.'” In the comments, Chris wrote, “NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die … EVERYBODY DEAD.”

After Chris’s burn, the Internet has reacted a couple different ways — naturally, many people are slamming Chris for trying to diminish Tinashe’s career … and some are even saying they couldn’t name 5 Chris Brown songs with a gun to their head. Twitter’s calling cap, though.

Fact is, Chris has far more recognizable of a catalog than Tinashe does … and a more decorated music career in general. Others are also saying the song they did — that Tinashe now regrets — is actually a bop … going on to speculate that she’s only saying this because it’s fashionable these days to stiff-arm CB over his controversial personal history.

Joyner Lucas put it quite well in a video … saying he’d defend Chris to the death, and that he wouldn’t accept any slander of him. Per usual, everyone’s divided on the issue.

As for Tinashe … she’s moving on. On Sunday, she appeared to respond to all the hubbub, taking to Twitter and writing … “Anyways … stream NEEDS.” It’s her new single, and that’s clearly what she wants to focus on — as opposed to ancient history.

Still, it is interesting that Chris continues to be as polarizing as he is. Anytime somebody works with him these days — or even reflects on working with him — it creates a buzz.

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Just goes to show … people don’t forget. They also don’t forgive, it seems.

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