Caprice says move to Ibiza has been ‘healing’ after ‘mentally rough’ lockdowns

After the "mentally tough" lockdowns in the UK, model Caprice Bourret and her family have relocated to Ibiza and the star has now invited OK! into her beautiful home, lifting the lid on what life in the Balearics has been like.

Here, she invites readings into her stunning abode and sits down for a tell-all interview on her decision to temporarily move to the stunning, 100-acre complex to help her family "heal". Sign up for free to read the interview and see Caprice's jaw-dropping house tour.

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Former model Caprice Bourret is relaxed and upbeat when she calls OK! from her stunning Ibiza home. The reality star, 49, is enjoying some quality family time in her 100-acre complex – which has an eye-watering seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms – with her husband, financier Ty Comfort, 55, and their boys Jett and Jax, both eight.

“Whenever I land here it’s like all my stress and pressures are totally lifted,” she tells us. “For me, it’s healing.”

Their temporary relocation to the Balearic Islands has come at the perfect time, with the last lockdown a difficult period for her family and quarantine being “rough mentally” for all of them.

But life in Ibiza has done wonders for the boys, who are able to take care of the resident chickens and 17 rescue horses!

“My children have a great tennis pro out here, a football coach and a summer camp school,” she says.

Career-wise, while her homeware brand By Caprice Home has gone from strength to strength, the mum-of-two is looking forward to making a return to the showbiz world with a forthcoming action movie. She also hints she’s in talks about fronting her own documentary show.

Here, Caprice tells all on her rampant sex life, turning 50 this October and embracing her curvier figure…

Hi Caprice. How’s life in Ibiza?

It’s brilliant and it’s so great for the kids. It makes a massive difference to their mental wellbeing. Just being outdoors and picking up lizards and going to the beach – and we have chickens and horses. It’s been amazing.

Your house looks incredible! Tell us about it…

We have seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and all the rooms have en-suites. We have 100 acres of land, so even the surrounding mountains are ours, and then down in the valley we have 17 rescue horses. If we hear a horse isn’t being treated well, or [is going to be] made into meat, we go and get them. It’s so nice for the kids to have pets. We’re spreading kindness, honey!

You are indeed! What’s been your biggest extravagance in your home?

It’s ongoing! We spent a substantial amount on the landscaping. When we came into this house it was a mess and my husband didn’t want it. But if the space and energy is right, you can change it. Every year we have a plan and do more to it. In just a few years the house has gone up five times the amount we paid for it.

Wow! Has the time off over the pandemic strengthened your bond with your husband and children?

It has and it hasn’t. We’ve got to keep it real here! With my husband it’s been great, because he goes to his office and hibernates in his little man cave, and then I go between the kids, Zoom meetings and grocery shops, so we give each other space. I love that I’m able to spend so much time with my kids, but then I want to scream and drink a bottle of vodka. I love my kids more than my own life, but they drive me nuts!


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Are the boys different in personality?

They’re like chalk and cheese. You love your kids, raise them exactly the same, and then they come out totally different. For example, I go grocery shopping and when I come back, Jax will come and say, “Mummy, can I help you?” The other one runs upstairs and tries to sneak an iPad. Jax will eat his vegetables, but if I leave the kitchen for a second Jett hides his broccoli under the sofa. I’ll lift up the sofa and there’ll be 20 pieces of dried up broccoli there. So one is naughty and one is an angel.

Has the year of lockdowns affected them?

Yes, 100 per cent. You can’t keep your kids locked up in the house. I had a little bit of an issue and had to get some help. I’m very open about it because mentally it does affect your children.

What help did you need?

The kids got a bit angry but can you blame them? We came out of lockdown and going back to school was scary for them. It was pretty awful. But everyone has gone through it.

The most recent lockdown affected us more. I had a lot of support from my Instagram followers and I have a great community and that gave me comfort and support. It really helped me, because it was really rough mentally for all of us.

You tied the knot with Ty in December 2019. Has getting married changed things?

Entirely. I always thought, why do I need a piece of paper to validate my relationship? But to say, “This is my husband,” it’s been a real game-changer. Even if we have fights, being married is a different mentality. There’s no saying, “I’m leaving.”

When you’re married, that’s it. I love being married. I’m going to be with my husband for the rest of my life and I love building a life with him. I love having children with him and I love everything about being married.

It’s the most beautiful thing when you find the right one. It’s made me better, stronger and more successful.

Is it true your sex life has improved since getting married?

Yeah. I think that’s really important. Men are simple creatures – you feed them, give them compliments and give them sex and they are so happy. You can’t say “I’m tired” or “I have a headache” – no! Take one for the team, because it’s between five to 10 minutes of your life. If the sex goes in the relationship, it’s done and dusted. You have to keep it alive. And if you can settle down from your day and enjoy it, it’s fricking awesome. It’s the best stress reliever. During the first lockdown I was very active – I was chilled and creative. The second was a little bit more stressful, but now we’re in Ibiza, it’s like rabbits. [Laughs]

Ha. You look fabulous. What’s your secret to staying so ageless?

Well, I’ve got amazing genes. My mum is 70 and looks shockingly amazing. Genes help, but I’m an absolute health fanatic. I do Botox, but I think it’s just as important what you put inside your body. And also being happy. Being mean or miserable ages you – trust me!

You have a big birthday coming up…

I know – 50! I wanted everyone to come to Ibiza and take over a hotel and have a major blowout and celebrate life, happiness and health, but now I can’t [because of Covid]. Maybe I’ll have to do it later in London, because I do want to have a big celebration.

How are you feeling about entering the next decade of your life?

If I was single and 50 with kids, I think it would be hard. But I’m married to the love of my life, I’ve got my two beautiful boys and my three stepkids, and I’ve got a business which, thank God, is doing phenomenally well. I’ve got my health and that means everything to me right now. I’m embracing it and I’m excited for it.

Well, you look fabulous!

Your body does change and I’m an eater and I live for my next meal. But I’m eating healthily and exercising, otherwise my body changes. I’m getting cellulite and you have to work harder to get rid of that too. And after having kids you get these fat pockets in the weirdest places. In my stomach there’s this little hill and I can’t get rid of it. I’m not as skinny as I used to be and a stone more than my normal weight, but I’m OK with that. I quite like more of a voluptuous figure. My husband thinks a bit more meat on my bones is a thousand times sexier.

What have you been up to work-wise?

My By Caprice Home business has gone from strength to strength and we had our best ever month in May. Our biggest problem was getting more stock from the factories. The entertainment side has slowed down because of Covid, but hopefully by the end of this year I’ll be doing another movie with the producer Jonathan Sothcott. An action movie, which is exciting, especially under the circumstances. And I’ve just filmed a show with Endemol for Channel 5.

Is it true you’re getting your own TV show?

Well, we’ve been in talks with quite a few people, but nothing’s been officially commissioned. It’s exciting, but no contracts have been given.

Is it an Osbournes type reality show?

No, it’s something entirely different, but not scripted. It’s more documentary/lifestyle.

You’re very vocal about the royals. Have you ever met any of them?

Of course! I met The Queen and Prince Philip. And Prince Charles has a big birthday party every year and I did one of his shows for him. The Queen was very proper and formal and I was very intimidated by her, but I think it’s all psychological, because she was very sweet. I’m a royalist and I love the royals. I’m very loyal to them.

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