Camilla knows how to ‘soothe and mollycoddle needy, hot tempered’ King Charles, says expert

The ups and downs of their relationship have been well documented. But according to royal expert Jennie Bond there is only one woman who knows just what King Charles III really needs, and how to handle the quirks of his personality and that is his wife of 17 years, Queen Consort Camilla.

Jennie exclusively tells OK! "Camilla is Charles' rock, his foundation stone, his sounding board, his lover, his friend, his confidante and probably the only person in the world he can tell everything to."

Jennie also says that when the going gets tough, it is only Camilla upon whom Charles can rely to "soothe him".

She says: "He can be quite a needy individual and get quite annoyed when little mishaps happen, which we sae when he has that outburst over the leaky pen at Hillsborough Castle.

"He's got a hot temper, and she knows how to calm him, how to soothe him, how to just mollycoddle him, really. She's very good at that.”

Charles and Camilla first met in their twenties, and though they both went on to marry other people they were always in one another's lives. Princess Diana famously referred to Camilla as the third person in she and Charles' relationship.

For many, their relationship will always be linked to Diana, but Elizabeth II's endorsement of Camilla by announcing that she would become Queen Consort when Charles became King was the ultimate seal of approval of their relationship.

Though the public were once wary of her, they have come to like and admire Camilla, the woman that has stood by Charles' side for so many years who was there for him during every moment as he mourned his mother, the Queen. It was she who intervened when the King got frustrated about ink leaking onto his fingers at an engagement following the Queen's death.

But Jennie notes that theirs is a mutually respectful relationship, they rely upon one another. Charles always includes Camilla in his speeches when he can. He depends on her absolutely for support," Jennie says.

Indeed, in his first address to the nation as the new monarch the King paid heartfelt tribute to his wife of 17 years calling her his "darling" and saying he relied upon her "loving help". And according to Jennie, despite the fact that he is now the Sovereign, Charles needs Camilla more than she needs him. "He would be lost without her," she says. "She's so quietly there, just trotting along like the kind affable woman that she is."


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