Brielle Biermann Doubles Down on Defending Trump's 'Feelings' Amid Backlash

“Do you follow him on Twitter? Literally ALL he does is belittle and bully others,” a critic told Brielle.

Brielle Biermann is being slammed on social media after she told people to stop"bullying" President Donald Trump.

On Monday, the 23-year-old daughter of reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann took to Twitter to share her thoughts on how people are treating 45, claiming he’s being "constantly belittled" and "bullied."

"This is not political- i don’t care how i/you feel about trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. ‘Running’ the country," Brielle wrote. "He has feelings like all of us. Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when they’re constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?"

Though there were some fans who agreed with "Don’t Be Tardy" star, many users absolutely ripped Brielle in her replies and expressed that Trump is the bully, not the other way around.

"Do you follow him on Twitter? Literally ALL he does is belittle and bully others," a user tweeted. "Where is your outrage about that? Where is the leadership in that? Check yourself."

"I love you, but girl he is the biggest bully of them all. The things he says are completely unacceptable. He has made so many derogatory and degrading comments. You get what you give," a person said.

Another told Brielle that Trump "doesn’t give a crap" about anyone else’s feelings. "He doesn’t show respect to 90% of the people he talks to," they added.

After a user claimed Trump "wrote the book on bullying, try again," Brielle hit back, "2 wrongs don’t make a right!" The person then replied, "Holding him accountable is not bullying. You’re reaching."

When another suggested Brielle "just delete" her tweet following the negative response, she replied, "No. I genuinely feel bad for him. And ANYONE WHOS BULLIED. No one regardless of what they’ve done deserves that. Have a heart."

Hours later, Brielle addressed the backlash, saying, "That is no representation of my political views. I’m simply saying- Obama, trump, whoever!!! Didn’t/doesn’t deserve the constant hate. The amount of people defending bullying is ridiculous!!"

Brielle’s tweets came amid the global coronavirus pandemic, which has infected over 1.3 million people worldwide. Trump has been criticized and is continuing to be criticized for the government’s response to the pandemic, with many calling it a failure.

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