Brad Pitt & Harry Styles Sadly Won’t Be In A New Movie Together After Rumor Goes Viral

Unfortunately, a Brad Pitt and Harry Styles movie will not be coming to a theater near you, despite an Aug. 19 rumor that took the Internet by storm.

The Internet went wild when a report surfaced that Brad Pitt would be starring alongside Harry Styles in an upcoming movie called Faster, Cheaper, Better. A Latin American and European movie distributor called Vertice Cine first reported the news, and it quickly went viral. However, a rep for Brad told HollywoodLife that the reports are, sadly, “not true.”

While Brad is one of the most beloved A-List actors, whose career has spanned several decades, Harry is a newcomer in Hollywood. After finding fame with One Direction, he went on to land a role in the 2017 film, Dunkirk. However, he has not done any acting since then, and fans are anxious to see him on the big screen once again.

So, when the rumors about Faster, Cheaper, Better first surfaced, Harry’s fans couldn’t hide their excitement! The prospect of seeing Harry in another film was enough to excite his loyal followers, but hearing that he would supposedly be starring with another hunky actor sweetened the deal. “I’m booking tickets to every screening ever,” one fan tweeted. Someone else added, “U KNOW I’MA FAINT WATCHING IT, RIGHT?!”

Of course, when news broke that the ‘movie’ was nothing but a rumor, there was also disappointment seen on social media. “Well, that’s depressing. They could’ve sold a hell of a lot of tickets,” someone wrote, while another person said, “It was fun while it lasted.” Many people also shared GIFs and memes to really show how upset they felt when they found out that the news wasn’t true.

Harry’s fans will have a lot to look forward to in 2021, though. The singer’s 2020 tour was rescheduled until next summer due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world this year. “The well-being of my crew and all the fans around the world will always hold top priority,” Harry said in June. “I can’t wait to see you all out on the road, as soon as it’s safe to do so.” Plus, there’s always hope that he’s been working on some new music during this downtime, right?!

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