Ben Affleck’s Private Instagram Account Is Followed By 3 People, Including These 2 Stars

Ben Affleck seemingly has a private Instagram account that is only followed by three people – including his current girlfriend and his ex-wife!

The account was first discovered by fans about a month ago when the only follower on the account was Ben‘s girlfriend Ana de Armas.

Now there are three followers on the account and Jennifer Garner is one of them. It’s unclear who the third follower is, but we can see that Ben is following 14 accounts. (We’ve blurred the username in the screencap below for his privacy)

The profile name on the account is just “Ben” and the bio reads, “just a dad who sometimes makes movies.” He also included a link to his charity, the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Ben also has a public Instagram account with 4.3 million followers. See the photos that Ana shared of them together for her birthday in April!

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