Barbra Streisand speaks out on private meetings with Prince Charles after romance claims

Barbara Streisand opens about her friendship with Prince Charles

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His Royal Highness Prince Charles has made no secret of the fact he was in awe of singer-turned-actress Barbra Streisand during his younger years. The Prince of Wales was captivated by Barbra’s “dazzling” talent back in the 1970s.

We became friends and I loved spending some time at Highgrove

Barbra Streisand

Now, it appears that Barbra could have had a much bigger role in society had she “played her cards right”.

Earlier this year, Prince Charles, 72, said he had been a “great admirer of the incredibly versatile American actress and singer Barbra Streisand,” for some time.

Barbra, 79, had met the Prince on several occasions, most notably when she was staying at his country home, Highgrove House, in Gloucester.

The singer revealed that while an assistant of hers believed a bouquet of flowers had been from a fan, they had in fact been from the heir to the throne.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Barbra said: “I remember recording at Warner Brothers, I can’t remember the name of the song I was singing,

“I was drinking tea and he asked to meet me, so he came to the recording studio and I offered him a sip of the tea and I thought ‘Are they going to have to test me for poison or something?’ No.”

She continued: “We became friends and I loved spending some time at Highgrove for a weekend fundraiser, I remember going through his gardens and the funny story about that is that my assistant at the time, I was staying in one of those great hotels, I walk by her room and I saw this bouquet of flowers and I said ‘Who has sent me that?’

“She said, ‘a fan, called Charles’, I said ‘really? Let me see the note’, and there was his seal and they weren’t from like a florist because they were from his gardens and it’s a different look, she just mistook it for a fan you know, that’s Prince Charles!”

The 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer went on to say: “That was before he met Diana.

“I had a very funny line on stage when he came to see the show, I said ‘you know, if I’d played my cards right, I could have wound up being the first Jewish Princess!”

Barbra and the future King first met in 1974 while she was filming Funny Lady and later met again in 1994 when she performed at Wembley Arena as part of his Prince’s Trust charity event.

The Prince and Barbra are also said to have met again in Los Angeles while attending the same gala dinner.

Just one year after performing at Wembley, Barbra visited Prince Charles at Highgrove, three years after his separation from Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Speaking about Barbra, the Prince of Wales said: “Back in 1974, when I was serving in the Royal Navy as a young lieutenant in the frigate HMS Jupiter, we called into the United States navy’s base in San Diego, California.

“When I heard that she was currently making the film [Funny Lady, a sequel to Funny Girl] in the Warner Brothers Studios, I was lucky enough to visit the set and to meet her there.”

He went on to add: “I shall never forget her dazzling, effervescent talent and the unique vitality and attraction of her voice and her acting ability.”

Barbra has previously addressed Prince Charles’ affection for her during a concert at BST Hyde Park in London, showing a newspaper clipping with the headline: “Barbra charms her prince, Charles.”

In 2006, an explosive biography of the singer claimed that she and Charles dated in 1994 following his split from Diana.

During her Hyde Park performance, Barbra spoke fondly of the late Princess of Wales, saying: “After the performance, the protocol was for her to get up first but she pushed me up first. She was so kind.”

She went on to address Meghan Markle, singing: “When the sun begins to sparkle, like that ring on Meghan Markle.”

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