Azealia Banks Taunts Busta Rhymes for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Her Boyfriend

In a video rant in which she also attacks Dave Chappelle and Adrian Grenier among other celebrities, the ‘212’ raptress claims that people in the club stayed away from the ‘Dangerous’ spitter because he’s ‘an ass toucher.’

AceShowbizAzealia Banks has accused Busta Rhymes of sexual assault. In a video rant posted on Monday, May 25, the Harlem rapper came forward with an incriminating allegation against the Grammy Award-winning artist, more than a month after she threatened to expose him.

“Also, b***h a** Busta f**kin’ Rhymes, you might think I’m a little b***h, but I’m really going to show you what a little b***h do. I’m really going to show you what a little shiesty Harlem b***h can do n***a,” she taunted him, before accusing him of sexually assaulting her then-boyfriend.

“You remember that n***a Mike I used to go out with and you were touching his ass in the f**kin’ club?” she added. “Matter of fact, everybody practice social distancing around Busta Rhymes in the f**kin’ club ’cause he’s an ass toucher. And I’m still putting the f**kin’ song out because you released my f**kin’ song.”

Azealia hinted at her beef with Busta back in April. At that time, she posted on her Instagram Stories, “When this quarantine is over, I’mma f**k a lot of y’all n***as summers up. Everybody getting violated. I got a long list of n***as who bout to get a surprise. Y’all never seen how evil this s**t gets. I’m not talking about music. I’m coming to SEE you n***as. Each and every last one of you.”

Saying that Busta was at the top of her list, she warned him, “[Busta Rhymes], you first n***a. Clear the record before I expose you. Don’t act stupid. Call @elis and @chepope and get it done in the next five days.” She then let him know that she’s not “f**king around” and told him he had four days. “Fat steroid neck son of a b***h,” she went on calling out the hip-hop legend, “That wasn’t fair. But you still ugly. Ha.”

Meanwhile, in her recent Instagram video, Azealia also took aim at Dave Chappelle and Adrian Grenier among other celebrities. She said that she once had sex with the comedian and threatened to ruin his marriage.

“There’s a lot of tea I’ve been wanting to spill about y’all n***as,” she said. “Y’all don’t come to my rescue, like Dave Chappelle, I should ruin your f**king marriage. I should tell the f**king world that we f**ked, that we f**ked. You got some good d**k n***a. I should tell the whole f**king world that we f**ked. ‘Cause y’all n***as don’t look out for me, so what the f**k I’m keeping n***as’ secrets for?”

Azealia additionally claimed that she hooked up with Adrien, who is best known for his role on HBO’s series “Entourage“. She shared a Polaroid photo taken on the night they’d allegedly got together and alleged that he’s a closeted homosexual.

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