Arielle Charnas Cries as She Apologizes for Her Coronavirus Behavior

Arielle Charnas, a social media influencer known for her popular fashion blog, Something Navy, is apologizing after facing heavy criticism for her actions after announcing that she tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Thursday, the New York City-based Charnas shared her lengthy apology on Instagram and also explained some of her choices that have been getting blasted online. Charnas revealed to her followers that she tested positive for the coronavirus on March 18, but within days, was sharing TikTok videos with her family, including her husband, Brandon.

She also traveled to the Hamptons instead of self-isolating in NYC, and didn’t appear to be practicing social distancing.

“Ok so you tested positive for covid 19 and less than 2 weeks later you went to the Hamptons and risked infecting others just so you could be by the pool instead of staying inside like the rest of us? Kk lol,” once Instagram comment reads.

“We saw your nanny in the live video just now. Are you serious???” another comment reads.

More criticism included how she was able to easily get a coronavirus test after first saying she had been told she didn’t meet the criteria for testing in New York state — her friend, a doctor, ended up testing her — and still doing an unboxing video of Louis Vuitton products after she got the results of her test. Some critics called Charnas the face of “privilege” during the coronavirus pandemic for her behavior, and Charnas tearfully responded on Thursday via her Instagram Stories.

“I just wanted to come on here and say I’m sorry,” she said. “I never in a million years wanted to hurt anyone and we’re not bad people. I’m sorry for anyone that I’ve offended or hurt over the last couples of weeks, we’re just trying to navigate through this difficult time.”

“I’m just sorry I let down my community in any way,” she continued. “Right now I’m trying to focus on my family because we’ve been receiving horrible threats and I just felt it was time for me to share my truth, which I did. I’m thinking of you all and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.”

In an Instagram post, she further explained herself and said some of her critics have been “very loud, hurtful and largely misinformed.”

“I am not writing this to make excuses and I am not searching for validation; I want to share the truth behind the story and above all else, express my sincerest remorse,” she began.

Charnas claimed her family, including her two young daughters and their nanny, traveled to the Hamptons because they felt “it would be safer for us to resume our lives while continuing to quarantine there” instead of the dense NYC. She also claimed that there was only one other family living on their block and she informed them of her diagnosis so they could take the proper precautions.

“We have since taken every measure to ensure we did not and will not come into further contact, six feet apart or otherwise, with any other individual for the foreseeable future,” she wrote, also claiming she followed her doctor’s orders “to a tee” since testing positive for the coronavirus. “Based on the facts available to us right now, as well as throughout our experience in the last several weeks, I’m confident this was the right move to reduce potential spread.”

Charnas isn’t the only one in the public eye who has apologized for their behavior on social media when it comes to the coronavirus. Watch the video below to see Vanessa Hudgens’ message after she was accused of not taking the global health emergency seriously in an Instagram Live post.

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