Alana Thompson Breaks Down Over Family Crisis: I Miss My Mama June!

On the premiere of From Not To Hot: Family Crisis, Mama June Shannon’s entire family was in shambles.

Filmed in the aftermath of June and Geno’s arrest, viewers saw young Alana despair that she would never get her mom back.

“Mama said she would never let a man come in between our relationship,” Alana Thompson lamented on the premiere.

This was filmed two months after June’s arrest, and after the tried and failed intervention.

“She always told us we were her number one priority,” she recalled.

Alana added: “And nothing’s ever gonna come between us.”

Alana is young, but not so young that she can’t feel betrayed by her mother’s skewed priorities.

“I just don’t know what to think anymore,” Alana expressed.

She points out that “she did let a man come in between us.”

Arguably, this is not the first time — since we all remember exactly how Here Comes Honey Boo Boo got canceled in the first place.

“I’m mad, I’m upset, I’m angry,” Alana shared.

It is very good and healthy for her to express her emotions so honestly.

She repeated: “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

That is very understandable. She was abandoned by the person on whom she counted to protect and nurture her.

Lauryn had of course taken in Alana and was acting as her guardian — a state that continues.

She noted that June had been homeschooling her, but that she had opted to enroll Alana in an actual school.

Lauryn explained that it was her hope to “give her the stability of being a normal kid.”

That is important at any time, but especially in the face of June’s downward spiral.

June and Geno were simply ghosting their family, ducking calls left and right.

“She doesn’t even answer our calls, it goes to voicemail,” Lauryn shared.

Alana chimed in: “Or they say all their phones dead, or they were sleeping.”

Meanwhile, the family feared that June was getting high with Geno or simply avoiding talking to them.

Lauryn recalled: “We tried to send her to rehab.”

“The network even gave her the opportunity that anybody in their right f–ming mind would take,” she noted.

“She checked out in less than 24 hours,” Lauryn lamented. “She could literally get years behind bars.”

She then asked: “How much more money are they gonna blow through until they’re completely broke?”

Jessica is another of June’s daughters, and she barged in and revealed that June had pawned the title to Jessica’s car — without telling her.

“I never really thought Mama would do this to us,” Alana confessed to the camera.

“I don’t even know who she is anymore honestly,” she remarked.

“We all just want the old Mama back,” Alana expressed, “and she’s not understanding that.”

Lauryn hopes that, if reason and pleas can’t reach June, maybe jealousy and insecurities will.

She expressed a desire that, if June sees that they’re managing just fine without her, she’ll feel compelled to “step up and try to do better for herself.”

We would love to believe that it’s the case.

But it has been a better part of a year since this premiere was filmed, and June has yet to return home.

Now, the family noticed that Alana was still sporting a ring that Geno had given to her.

Lauryn asked why Alana, who moved out of June’s home because she didn’t feel safe months before June emptied and sold it, still wore it.

“It reminds me of when we all used to have fun and we all used to be a family,” Alana confessed.

She also opined that the ring was really from Mama June, since she had actually paid for it back when she had money to buy jewelry.

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson and Jennifer Lamb

Most of the family may have been sad, but Sugar Bear Thompson and his wife, Jennifer Lamb, were practically giddy.

“June’s always called me a deadbeat dad for years, but hey, I wasn’t arrested for crack cocaine was I?” Sugar Bear told the camera.

He then tastelessly joked: “I wish June would have listened to Whitney Houston back in the day, crack is wack!”

Sugar Bear did vow that he wouldn’t trash-talk June in front of Alana … and started pushing to spend more time with her.

June’s sister, Doe Doe Shannon, showed up and headed to a casino in an effort to find June and talk some sense into her.

After tracking down a likely location thanks to pics in “the tabloids,” cameras were not allowed in.

Producers waited for Doe Doe to emerge with or without June … when is when an ambulance raced to the scene.

Well, that’s certainly a cliffhanger!

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