Adam Henson wife: How Adam rejected lifestyle choice important to wife Charlotte

Countryfile presenter Adam Henson, 54, is back on our screens tonight for the BBC One hit show. Adam, who perhaps is the best-known farmer in the UK, currently lives on Cotswold Farm Park with his wife Charlotte Henson. The farm, which was founded by Adam’s grandfather Joe Henson in 1971, help protect rare breeds of farm animals.

The farm has rare breeds of cattle,e goats, pigs, sheep, horses and ponies.

On tonight’s Countryfile, Adam has a lot of hungry mouths to feed on the farm.

The TV presenter has been part of the successful programme since 2001 and his passion for farming and conservation has made him a fan-favourite among the millions of viewers Countryfile attracts every Sunday.

But the farmer has opened up about how he and his wife Charlotte Henson have chosen to follow different lifestyles.


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Adam and Charlotte have known each other since he was just 16 and they were both still in school.

The TV presenter has previously said Charlotte does not eat meat and is a vegetarian.

Speaking to The Mirror in May 2019, Adam said: “He’s very much all for living off the land and eats the meat bred on his farm when he can. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate a plant-based diet.

“I must start growing more veggies. My partner and daughter are vegetarians, but my son and I eat meat.”

Adam added: “Farmers working closely with the RSPCA is crucial.

“What drives me mad are the vegan vigilantes who post horrendous things on social media that aren’t true.

“There has to be a balance. But let people eat what they want. I don’t have a problem with it.”

Speaking about taking the job on Countryfile, Adam said Charlotte “nagged” him to apply for the job when it was first advertised.

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He said: “Countryfile did a presenter search, and although I wasn’t bothered, my partner nagged me about it, as she thought I’d be really good.

“After lots of auditions, I ended up getting the job. At first I was only working once a month, then when it went prime time, the viewing figures went up to six million, and that was that.

“But when the BBC chuck me in the bin – which they will do sooner or later – I will just go back to being a farmer. That’s my proper job.”

The Countryfile star has made sure his children, Ella and Alfie, had a similar, wholesome upbringing to him.

He said: “My childhood was so healthy and free. My mum made all our food and cut our hair.

“It was like The Waltons. But getting back to nature was always important and my kids have grown up on the farm too.

“Even though one is going to work at an events company and my son wants to go into finance, they could both lamb a ewe. They’re very capable.”

Countryfile airs on BBC One at 6.15pm on Sundays.

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