You've been fake tanning all wrong… beauty fans share genius 10p hack that removes the sticky feeling in seconds | The Sun

FAKE tan lovers have revealed what they use to get rid of the sticky feeling on their skin – and it's thanks to a common baby product.

Those who live and breathe all things fake tan will be familiar with their body feeling sticky to touch – according to experts, it's because of a natural ingredient that gives your skin the bronzed glow.

''Dihydroxyacetone [DHA] is naturally derived from sugars and the higher the concentration of DHA used, the higher amounts of stickiness,'' explained the beauty pros at Sundance.

Luckily, there is a way to stop it – and it's so easy, you'll be mad at yourself for not having thought of it earlier.

The secret to a smooth skin, turns out, is nothing but a little dash of baby powder.

The hack has become all the rage on social media, with one woman, Ellie Craven, even claiming it's a game-changer.

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''If you're not yet caking yourself in baby powder after you fake tan then you're really doing life wrong,'' the beauty lover told her 73k followers on TikTok.

''The biggest life hack you will ever get and it will change your life,'' the stunner added in the caption.

In her video, Ellie, who posts under the username @elliecraven0, was using Johnson's Baby Powder, which can be purchased from most supermarkets, as well as on the high street.

A 500g container of the parent favourite retails for £2.15 at Tesco, whilst Boots offer the same product for £3.50.

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Whilst some may be worried the powder will ruin their tan, fellow beauty fans insisted the bronzed glow ''comes out exactly the same''.

One person instructed: ''I tan my whole body, wait a couple of minutes and then with a big powder brush I brush it on myself and especially armpits so I don’t sweat.''


The baby essential ''basically works as a setting powder for the tan'', another pro tanner added, explaining it needs to be applied whilst the tanning product is drying.

There are also other alternatives if you can't find baby powder or simply want to stick to more natural methods, including corn flour, a person said.

This cooking essential also works out to be a little cheaper than baby powder – Tesco sell a 500g package for £2.10, whilst Sainsbury's own brand corn flour scans for £2.45.

Since being shared on the platform, Ellie's clip has gone viral, winning her more than a million views and hundreds of comments.

''Omg I’ve been doing this for years and years, nobody ever knows what I mean,'' a tan lover revealed.

''wait omg that's smart,'' someone else tagged their pal.

''My new fav hack omg thanks girl,'' another had seen the video just in time.

What to do:

1. Choose any baby powder/corn flour of your choice,

2. Apply your self-tanner by following your regular routine,

3. Allow the tan to air-dry for a couple of minutes,

4. Sprinkle the powder all over your body and rub it into your skin using a brush – hands work just as well,

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5. Climb into bed or pull your clothes back on as your fake tan should be dry to touch.

The hack is also great for preventing ruined and stained bedsheets – a win-win!

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