You’ve been curling your eyelashes all wrong – and the real way will leave you scratching your head | The Sun

CURLING your eyelashes is a great way to get a more dramatic look without using falsies.

But one beauty fan has shared a trick to make your lashes look even longer – and it's left some people scratching their heads.

After seeing another make-up fan use the trick, Erin Durgan Jurchak had to see if it really worked for herself.

Instead of curling your lashes as you normally would, Erin first used the curler upside down, the used it the right way and adding mascara.

To really put the hack to the test, Erin curled her lashes as normal and coated them in mascara on one eye, and tried the trick on the other eye.

She said: "If there's one thing I am, it's always down for a beauty experiment."


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At first, the beauty whizz found tricky to hold the eyelash curler upside down and it felt a bit awkward.

"I think it's holding my eye open and air is going in there so it's freaking me out," she said.

Eventually she did manage to get the curler into place and hold it on there for a few seconds.

"The goal is to make the eyelashes stick straight out at the root," Erin explained.

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She then used the curler again, this time the right way round, and added a coat of mascara.

The difference between the two methods was pretty impressive and even Erica was shocked by the results.

Her eyelashes stuck straight up, making them appear loads longer than they did on the other eye where she just curled them one way.

Other beauty fans were stunned by the hack too, but not everyone was convinced it way a good idea.

"That's a recipe for ripped out eyelashes. I'd be scared to do that," one commented on the clip.

A second agreed: "Keep doing this for years and you'll have no eyelashes by 50-years-old."

Meanwhile, other Instagram users said they swear by slightly heating up their eyelash curlers for a more dramatic lift.

"I heat mine up with a lighter for a few seconds, works like a charm," one wrote.

"I always shoot my hair dryer in my lash curler. Turns it into a curling iron, works great," another said.

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