You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot FIVE empty bottles in less than 30 seconds | The Sun

ONLY the keenest eyed can spot the five empty bottles in this new online brainteaser.

Posted by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas, known online as Dudolf, the puzzle shows a trio of dolphins in a sea full of green glass bottles.

Most of the bottles are stopped with corks, while others are open at the top.

However, all but five of them contain a message on a rolled up piece of paper.

Viewers are challenged to find the five completely empty bottles, with the best contestants able to do so in around half a minute.

To make it harder, the bottles are all packed in together and the whole scene, apart from the dolphins, is coloured green and blue.

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One of the lovable creatures can be seen wearing glasses and reading one of the notes from a bottle in a lovely comical touch.

The note injects extra meaning into the painting as it reads "don't litter", encouraging puzzle solvers to take better care of the environment.

Other recent Dudolf cartoons have included a challenge to spot four crabs amongst a crowd of lobsters and to find coconuts amidst a mass of teddy bears.

He even released a corgi themed cartoon in memory of the late Queen, which featured a drawing of Her Majesty cuddling one of the dogs.

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Viewers aimed to find slices of white bread hidden amongst the brown and white pooches.

If you are still struggling to find the empty bottles, the solution can be found below.

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