You have 20/20 vision if you can find the silver disco balls in this mindboggling brain teaser within 10 seconds | The Sun

THIS illusion could reveal how observant you are in just a few seconds.

There are silver disco balls hidden in this image but can you find them in just 10 seconds?

This tricky disco-themed teaser was created by the online casino comparison site BonusFinder.

The image is made of repeated patterns of a couple dancing, yellow disco balls, music symbols, and stars. 

To make things even more difficult the background is not plain as it has a number of orange circles across the black setting.

Somewhere in this brainteaser are some disco balls but can you spot them?

If you can’t, here is a clue. 

There are two small silver disco balls in the image. 

If you need another hand here’s an extra tip. 

Look towards the top left and bottom right to find the disco balls peaking behind a dancer or a star. 

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The answer is down below for viewers who didn’t spot the disco balls in less than 10 seconds.

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