Woman transforms garden by just chucking a box of £3 Wilko wildflower seeds about – it’s perfect for lazy people | The Sun

A SAVVY gardening enthusiast has shared how she gave her garden a new look with a £3 bargain buy from Wilko.

Green-fingered Beth uploaded a clip on TikTok revealing how a simple pack of wildflower seeds changed her garden on the cheap.

According to the gardening enthusiast, she had nabbed the buy from Wilko for a mere £3 and scattered its contents in the soil earlier this spring.

Fast-forward a few months, Beth posted a little update to her page and at first sight, things weren't looking too promising in one section of her outdoor space.

Apart from ''two measly flowers'', there were no improvements, as Beth insisted the quality of the soil was poor.

''I think it's the soil here because just nothing grows here,'' she said in the video.


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Luckily, the budget-friendly glow-up had bloomed elsewhere in her garden, particularly in a pot that had daisies and cornflowers, as well as around the fence.

The wildflower pack had come with a variety of gorgeous flowers, including poppies.

Whilst proudly sharing her stunning garden, Beth revealed a hack she was doing – saving all of the flower heads and collecting seeds for next year.

''If I get plenty – and including my sweet peas – I'm thinking about potentially selling them,'' she added.

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''The ones in the random patch by the driveway have grown so much that they're now spilling onto the actual drive,'' Beth said.

''I’m excited to see what they look like next year, especially with me saving some seeds to sow and fill it out more.''


However, not everyone was raving about the £3 buy, as some people, both on TikTok and on Wilko's website, shared negative reviews.

One shopper claimed: ''I bought some for my neighbour and they took 3 years to grow.''

''they take a couple of years to come through properly,'' a second added.

''Most of the stuff that has grown, look like weeds. Including a creeping vine type thing, currently strangling the rest of the plants,'' one gardening fan warned.

''Over a month since planting, almost no actual flowers for the bees, just loads of leaves.''

''I’m not a gardener, I threw the seeds in a planter and hoped for the best. The results surpassed my expectations,'' a shopper was delighted.

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