Trolls say my baby girl will be bullied relentlessly for her name, but I love it – we should worry more about bullies

A MUM who has chosen an unusual name for her baby girl has hit back at trolls.

Taking to TikTok to respond to criticism about her daughter's moniker, mum Kelsey insisted she's less worried about her daughter being bullied and more worried about the bullies themselves.

She shared a screenshot of a comment from one troll on TikTok which read, "Like I promise she will get made fun of relentlessly for her name."

And in response to the remark, Kelsey added: "Maybe we should worry more about kids being bullies and not what we can do to prevent our kids from being bullied."

Viewers were quick to take to the comments section to ask what the baby's name was, with Kelsey replying that it is: "Aprycot Margaret-Jane."

In response, the majority of people commenting praised Kelsey for choosing such an unusual name for her daughter – the second part of which is a tribute to her grandmother.

"My granddaughter's names are Galazzia, Polaris and Azurah these children will not be alone with different names," one person wrote.

While another added: "I think she has a beautiful name!! It’s sad to see so many miserable people making fun of a BABY."

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"I know a Bonanza Jellybean, she is doing just fine!" a third person wrote.

"People like the commenter are the reason bullying exists. If everyone minded their own business what a wonderful world it would be. Love the name," another said.

And others with unusual names themselves also took to the comments to weigh in on the debate.

"I have a unique name and was definitely teased BUT I learned to laugh at myself for the sake of letting people think they’re clever and to date I am the only Lark I’ve ever met," a woman called Larkanne wrote.

"I adore my unusual name and it has made my career better because no-one forgets my name."

"Also, she will thank you some day. Being one of a kind on a world full of carbon copies is a gift," Lark added.

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