These $38 Comfy Biker Shorts Are the Best Investment I've Made For Summer So Far

These $38 Comfy Biker Shorts Are the Best Investment I’ve Made For Summer So Far

Biker shorts seem to be a dime a dozen these days, so how do you find the best ones? Well I went on a mission to find out. I started this shopping journey because as I’m staying at home I’ve been mostly rocking sweatpants and leggings. As the weather warms, and my small apartment doesn’t have air conditioning, I’m trying to stay cool. A pair of comfy biker seems like the right way to go; something I can mix and match with anything around my house and rock outside, too.

After searching endlessly on the internet, I found nothing that was fitting my bill. I wanted a design that didn’t feel like workout clothes and was breathable. Eventually, I came across the Yummie Mel Cotton Stretch Shaping Biker Shorts ($38) and they sold me for a few reasons. Not only are they made from breathable cotton, but they’re also a flattering choice. The shorts feature a two-ply signature waistband that help to hold you in and control your mid-section. This makes me feel more secure than ever. But the one thing that makes my favorite is that they’re just so comfortable.

The brand designed these shorts after its bestselling leggings. Made to slim your hips and keep you feeling your best, you just can’t go wrong with this affordable option. I find myself wearing them all day around the house, on walks outside, and running errands. If you’ve been on the hunt for your next pair, these are the ones to try. Keep reading to shop it and snag your size.

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