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THERE’S a little known secret to keeping pesky rodents like rats and squirrels out of your homes. 

The little animals are known for squeezing themselves into gaps to set up camp in your warm home – usually in attics and the walls. 

But you can keep them away using a natural ingredient that woodland creatures despise. 

The creator behind Zaniyah Naturals took to TikTok to share that she douses cotton wool balls in eucalyptus oil and scatters them over her loft to keep rats, mice and squirrels at bay. 

She also recommended bordering up any entry points that the pests may squeeze into. 

Rats can squeeze through any opening bigger than 1/2 inch, meaning even the smallest of openings should be covered. 

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Zack DeAngelis at Pest Pointers affirmed the use of eucalyptus oil to keep pests and rodents out of your home.

“Fortunately, rats and other rodents’ noses are hypersensitive and you can use that to your advantage,” he said. 

“Their sense of smell can either lead them to food or alert them to danger.”

Zack, founder of Pest Pointers, wrote on his blog that researchers aren’t exactly sure how eucalyptus oil works to deter rodents.

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But what they do know is that it’s super effective. 

“When it comes to using eucalyptus to repel rats, the plant’s oils are the real star of the show,” Zack penned. 

“While the entire tree contains eucalyptol, it isn’t really feasible or practical to use the leaves or bark as a rat repellent. 

“Plus, the oils have the highest concentration of eucalyptol making them the most effective against rodents.”

Eucalyptus oil that’s 100% pure can be purchased in Holland and Barrett for as cheap as £5.

"Miaroma Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil is extracted from the tree of the same name," a blurb on one product reads.

"Native to Australia, the earthy oil has a strong, woody aroma that helps relieve symptoms of cold, muscle strains and cramps."

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