Stella McCartney Pre-Spring 2022

Stella McCartney can’t sit still: She told models in the pre-spring shoot to pretend they were in a club, dancing nonstop, even as they waited in line for the bathroom. She drew on her A-Z Manifesto, too, plucking out the letter J for Joy.

“This is the spirit of now,” the designer said during a Zoom call. “I wanted to capture the powerful energy of the present, and people’s individual energy, too. I wanted this to be for all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities, and to celebrate the freedom of the individual. It’s a much more youthful approach.”

The collection was sporty and high-energy, with nods to cyberspace in the electric bright colors — orange and pink for a long, fuzzy sweater; cobalt for a cropped running jacket with drawstrings, and silvery, pixel-like paillettes on slipdresses edged with bits of brightly colored lace.

Stella McCartney Resort 2021

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The designer’s logo, spelled out in a retro video game font across the front of T-shirts, one with a winking pink rabbit, was in step with the cyberpunk aesthetic, while psychedelic Art Nouveau swirls on skinny knit dresses added to the escapist, otherworldly mood of the collection.

When her screen time was up, McCartney stepped outdoors and into the track and field with bright, lacy bicycle shorts; supersized tracksuit/cargo bottoms, and anorak/dress hybrids with drawstrings galore.

McCartney was particularly excited about her new Shroom shoe, which she said encapsulates the athletic-meets-cyber spring outing. It comes as a pointed slingback pump with a rubberized pad — like a mushroom cap — under the kitten heel. There are other styles, too, including curvy wedge sandals and mules with a ’70s groove.

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