Outland Denim’s Latest T-shirt Benefits U.N. World Day Against Human Trafficking

Outland Denim on Friday will release a “Sucker for Humanity” T-shirt to raise awareness for and benefit the U.N. World Day Against Human Trafficking. The premium, ethical Australian denim label was founded in 2011 by James Bartle with the core mission of helping survivors of human trafficking.

“There is a cycle of exploitation built into the conventional fashion industry. Fashion is produced in a way that exploits the people that made it and the planet. And then in more recent years in response to community demand brands will donate X percent of profit to charity. Which is good in a way, but also ironic when the people responsible for making your clothes are still being exploited,” Bartle told WWD. “Our model is about rewriting the system to uplift people through the production process itself. Opportunity for safe and stable employment, sufficient wages, access to education, health care — the holistic support necessary to help lift individuals, families and communities out of vulnerability. The more we grow, the more opportunity we can provide, and so when people purchase the Humanity T, or any Outland garment, this is the cycle of freedom 100 percent of their money is going to.”

Outland Denim’s “Sucker for Humanity” T-shirt. Courtesy photo

As a breakdown, 75 percent of the brand’s employees come from exploitative situations, or a position of vulnerability to be exploited (85 percent of staff formerly at risk have reported a reduced risk after employment at Outland Denim), and from 2016 to 2020, the brand has been able to impact 750 individuals (people, staff, household members and dependents) through stable employment and living wages.

The “Sucker for Humanity” T-shirt, $90 in sizes XS to XL, further pushes the importance by displaying “how we as consumers can make a significant change just by our fashion choices — starting with this Outland Denim T-shirt.” The brand will also be releasing a media impact report following the T-shirt’s launch (on the brand’s e-commerce).

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