Our face tattoos were supposed to be empowering but we were young or drunk and regret them every day – The Sun

FACIAL tattoos were once only seen on the most die-hard inkers.

But in recent months celebrities like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have helped the popularity of facial artwork soar.

Singer Brown went under the needle in January, getting a Nike Air Jordan shoe tattooed on his cheek.

A month later, model and actress Amber Rose revealed on her Instagram she'd had the names of her two sons, Bash and Slash, inked on her forehead.

Since then more stars have posted pictures of their facial tattoos.

Cindy Crawford's son Presley has "misunderstood" inked under his eye, while actress Amanda Bynes has a heart on her cheek.

But an inking above the neckline can often be something you live to regret – .

Here, three Sun readers tell us why they think their tattoos were a mistake.

'I'm now the weird girl with dots under her eyes'

Chef Kitty Juby, 25, lives in London.

She says: "I have two dots under my eyes and what should be the anarchy symbol on my inside lip – except it looks illegible.

I also have 'I am not a body, I am somebody' on the back of my neck, but it’s spelled with the spaces in the wrong places.

It reads: 'I am not a body, I am so me body.' To make matters worse it looks like it was done with a marker pen.

I was inked a year ago and since then I can’t tie my hair up anymore either. Needless to say I need to get it removed.

The two dots under my eyes look like full stops. Apparently I thought they and the anarchy symbol on the inside of my lips was a good idea. I’ve learnt my lesson now.

I didn’t have them done by a professional artist. A friend had bought a tattoo gun off eBay and did them for me.

We were having a party and I had drunk a lot of Buckfast. There were a group of us and we all had something done.

The next morning I woke up feeling very hungover and sorry for myself.

When I saw the dots, the symbol on the inside of my lip and the writing on the back of my neck I tried to wash them all off. I spent an hour in the bathroom scrubbing at them. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

I even Googled how to remove a tattoo. Obviously I came up with nothing because there was no way they were coming off.

I blame the Buckfast wine for it.

I spent an hour in the bathroom scrubbing at them. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

All of our families made fun of us for it. Dad howled with laughter when he saw me and realised they were all permanent.

His party trick when he is with his friends is to get me to show the back of my neck and my lip.

If people see me they always ask what it says on my neck. Some people reckon the dots are cool. I’m that weird girl with dots under the eyes.

My advice is do not drink and get a tattoo."

'It's not cool and edgy – it's permanent'

Model Jasmine Chance, 24, lives in Glastonbury.

She says: "I’d had my nose pierced 5-6 times. I go to a lot of festivals and raves and every time I went out the ring would fall out of the piercing.

Two years ago my friend and me were very drunk and we decided to tattoo a nose ring on permanently.

We did it using a needle and pen ink. I’d seen it on the internet and decided we could do it.

My friend used a sterilised needle that we'd ordered online, which came in a sealed packet.

The next day when I saw it I laughed to myself. I couldn’t believe I’d finally done it.

People come up to me all the time and say ‘you’ve got a tattoo on your nose!' I always reply 'yes, and no it doesn’t come off.'

Most people like it and usually say they wish they were brave enough to do one. I tell them it wasn’t bravery, it was alcohol. When I see it today it’s cringy.

I’m not someone who regrets anything ever but I do regret this on some days. It’s a massive thing to have done.

When my family saw it they told me I’m an idiot.

I’ve got loads of tattoos. My first one was 18 on the back of my calf.

It wasn’t bravery, it was alcohol.

My style hasn't changed since I had it done, but I know a lot of people who might do something like this are the same types who would change their style frequently.

That's why if you’re someone who changes their mind a lot then definitely don’t get a tattoo on your face.

Throughout history men and women have had tattoos and tribal markings on their faces – but society is different today.

While I can still work with a tattoo on my face it is frowned upon.

I’d say to anyone who thinks it is cool and edgy to do – it isn’t. A tattoo on your face is permanent."

'Strangers don’t know how to approach me.'

Hydrotherapy support worker Gypse Riddle Fleur, 23, is from Bristol.

She says: "I’ve got quite a few facial tattoos – you can’t miss them! I was 18 when I had my first one done and I got them because I liked what they represented to me at the time.

I drew them on with eyeliner first to see how they’d look. It was exciting and a way to express yourself. But I was a very different person at 18.

The first ones I had were the three lines across the bridge of my nose. They represent the past, present and future. The middle line is the longest one because it represents the present. I got them as a symbol of being a warrior and battling life.

They’re about boldness and bravery and being a strong woman.

I also have two vertical lines down my eye and left cheek. There are three dots at the start of both eyebrows in a triangle form and then five dots above one eyebrow. There is an infinity knot at the side of my face where my ear starts. Finally I’ve got two dots under my eyes.

I initially did the tattoos myself but then a friend who is a professional tattoo artist did them again making them nicer and clearer.

But now I regret them. The reason why is now I’m older I appreciate that they can be very deceiving for other people.

Now I'm older I appreciate others see me differently. What I see as ordinary for me is extraordinary to them.

Now as I'm older I appreciate others see me differently. What I see as ordinary for me is extraordinary to them. People judge you on your looks and make snap decisions that aren’t necessarily correct.

I didn’t have a family to tell me no, don’t do it. Friends were mixed in their opinions. Some said they’re very fitting for me while others said 'you’ll regret them at some point.'

I know of friends who had their facial tattoos lasered off and I reckon that’s what I’ll end up doing with those around my eyes.

You never know where you’ll end up in the future. The advice I’d give to anyone thinking about this is to talk to your employer first!"

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