Olive & June Makes the Best Nail Polish I've Ever Tried

Olive & June Makes the Best Nail Polish I’ve Ever Tried

I love having my nails done, and as a manicure enthusiast, I know by now which polishes work for me and which ones don’t. Since I’m not a fan of gel nails, getting to five days sans chips is a major milestone, and I know to avoid the brands that chip on day one. For me, hands down, the best polish I’ve used comes from Olive & June. Its polishes last seven days on me without chipping, which was previously unheard of. The formula is long lasting and doesn’t require a base coat, just a topcoat. If you’re itching to paint your own nails, this polish is the one you should be using.

Not only is the brand affordable and the packaging adorable, but the nail polish colors are also ones I actually want to wear. I found SE, the perfect pink that’s feminine and pretty without feeling juvenile; CV, the prettiest springtime red; and HZ, the rosy neutral shade of my dreams. If you’ve been curious about the Olive & June polish, trust me when I say they’re worth the hype, and keep reading to shop some of my favorite springtime shades!

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