My cleaner quoted me $55 an hour then totally fleeced me – I was so shocked by her reasoning that I still paid | The Sun

A MOM has revealed the sneaky way that her cleaner increased the price after doing the work.

Indy Clinton (@indyclinton) shares her chaotic life as a mother of two with over 1.4 million followers on TikTok.

She asked for advice after her cleaner unexpectedly increased the cost of tidying her home.

“I’m stressing hard, the cleaners,” Indy said as she sat down to explain the situation.

“I’m too nice to not get her now. I can’t say sorry we don’t need you anymore because I am desperate. 

“And I need a cleaner, really bad.”

Indy said: “I found a cleaner and messaged her. She said ‘I’m $55 an hour’ and I was like sweet.

“It will only be like two hours, that’s a hundred bucks or just over for a clean. I’ll pay anything – no I won’t, but that is great.

“The night before she messaged me and was like ‘we will be there at 10.’"

Indy admitted that she was confused by the cleaner referring to herself as “we” when they initially spoke but didn’t clarify it. 

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She agreed to pay the cleaner $55 an hour including all of the necessary cleaning supplies being brought along. 

She continued: “Yesterday comes and in the morning, before she arrived, she said ‘oh by the way I’m bringing three of my girls.’

“I was like oh cool that will be done in like half an hour. There’s going to be three or four girls here, amazing.

“It gets to the end of the clean and they were there for like two and a half hours I think.

“She comes out and is doing the math in her head. 

“‘Ok, that's $55 an hour, there are four of us. That’s around seven or eight hours at $55 an hour.’

“I was like ‘sorry what?’

“$55 an hour per person, but you didn’t tell me there’s all these other people coming until…”

Indy said that she panicked and almost passed out from the shock.

She continued: “I had to pay close to $500 for a clean.

“I pretty much passed out and vomited in my throat. 

“Looked at her, smiled and said ‘no worries sweet. I’ll transfer now.’”

Holding her hands in her head, Indy added: “Then I said ‘see you next week.’ 

“I don’t want to see her next week.

“How can she say that she’s $55 an hour and that she brings all of her own stuff.

“Then she slides it in there that she’s got three other girls with her. Like you can’t just slide that in babe.”

Commenters argued the cleaner had behaved “unprofessionally” and told Indy not to let her come back to the house.

One wrote: “Honestly sounds like she knows what she’s doing, she knows that she tricked you and put you on the spot.”

Another commented:  “Don’t see her next week, get someone else sis. That is not good.”

A third said: “No that’s not right. You need to say that she wasn’t upfront with having multiple people. It’s not right.”

A fourth added: “She deliberately did that, you need to tell her you’re paying for one person only or you will cancel.”

A fifth commented: “You need to find yourself a new cleaner & possibly leave a review warning other people.”

Sympathizing, another penned: “This happened to me and I was too awkward and shy to cancel and they came fortnightly for six months.”

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