Mum’s warning to parents after daughter, 7, nearly drowns while supervised in bath after swallowing bubble bath water | The Sun

A MUM has warned fellow parents after her young daughter almost drowned during a supervised bathtime after swallowing bubble bath water.

The woman, called Angel, rushed her little girl to hospital after she realised she could be at risk of a rare medical condition called 'dry drowning'.

In a post on Facebook, the concerned parent explained she had run a bath for her daughter Cali, seven, to enjoy at 7.40pm before dinner.

Angel wrote: "She sat down and began playing with toys and water crayons. My mum came in and was talking to her while she was playing in the bubbles.

"I stepped out to go gather her laundry to put a small load in. As I was gathering some of her stuff about 7:55pm, I overheard my mom and her chatting.

"Then I heard one splash, nothing…and then a heavy cough. I walked around the corner just to take a peek before I ran downstairs, and see her on her knees trying to get up as my mum is helping her.

"Soapy water was coming out of her mouth. My mum was picking her up and starts patting her back, but there was no sound coming out and she had a distressed look on her face, hunched over."


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Angel soon realised her daughter had turned " bluish/purple" and started doing "back blows" to her, which she had fortunately been trained to do.

The worried mum recalled: "She’s still coughing up water and gasping for air, I’m hearing sounds but no breathing or crying. I’m screaming something like 'come on baby it’s ok get it out, you’re okay!'"

She continued: "So now water is coming out her mouth and nose, and I’m trying to keep it together, I look down and now she throwing up water AND food."

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After four rounds of vomiting, Cali starts to cry, and while it "felt like an eternity", they realised the scary events had probably taken place within just five minutes.

Angel said: "I asked her questions just to make sure she was responsive and making sense, and she told me her tummy hurt. We calmed down, but I couldn’t stop pacing even though about 15 mins after she was acting like her normal self again."

"By 8:15pm I’m on the phone with Mercy Pediatric Emergency Hotline;
Operator: Was she underwater for two seconds?

"Me: (My stomach dropped) Yes, but no longer. Operator: …. okay… did she throw up? Me: Yes.. Operator: what did she throw up? and how many times? Me: A bunch of water and then food she had ate."

The operator told them to come into hospital because "at this point it could already be in her lungs, with her food, from choking on both. And that can lead to dry drowning".

They rushed to the hospital where it fortunately was confirmed her lungs were "clear at this time", but that they had to look out for cough, fever, sluggish and sleepiness over the next couple of days as she was at risk of pneumonia.

Angel added: "They told me I did everything right, but I still can’t stop thinking about it. All I want people to know is how easy and fast a child can inhale a fatal amount of water."

Dry drowning is a rare medical condition, predominantly affecting children, which happens when someone breathes in water.

The fluid may not reach their lungs, but it can cause the vocal chords to tighten and fatally shut down the airways.

Angel's post has received an outpouring of support from fellow social media users, who rushed to share sympathetic messages.

One person wrote: "Glad she pulled through."

Another commented: "That's so scary to think about! I'm glad you knew what to do."

A fourth shared that she had gone through something similar with her son.

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She explained: "I cried reading this, it happened to my son at nine months when I was in Florida.

"It felt like the longest minutes in the world! I’m so so so so glad she is ok!"

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