Mum shows how to make 'Greggs' sausage and bean melts at home and they only cost 37p

FANS mourning the closure of Greggs fear not, as one mum has devised her very own recipe for a sausage and bean melt.

Taking to Facebook Lou Clair Lanham shared her recipe for the famous pastry treat, that cost just 37p each to make, compared to the shop price of around £1.

Lou revealed that she uses readymade puff pastry from Lidl, half a tin of beans, Iceland sausages as well as a sprinkling of cheese to create the bakes.

To assemble the pastries, Lou cuts the pastry into rectangles before adding a sausage, which she has cooked beforehand, a spoonful of beans and a sprinkle of cheese to each one.

She then folds the pastry over, scoring the tops three times and adding an egg wash before baking them at 150 in a fan oven for 30-35 minutes.

Lou swears that her creation tastes “just as good” as the original.

Bake your own Greggs ingredients

  • Puff Pastry form Lidl – 89p
  • Half a tin of beans – 20p
  • Sprinkle of cheese – pennies
  • Iceland sausages 30 for £3 in freezer

The mum told the Manchester Evening News: “you can also make chicken [bakes] using the chicken in white sauce in a can from Tesco."

Her recipe has since gone viral, receiving thousands of likes and shares on Facebook with fellow Greggs fans eager to give it a go.

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