Mum makes daughter’s drab wendy house look brand new using eBay and IKEA bargains

WITH the weather warming up, people have been sprucing up their gardens and outdoor spaces  to get it ready for the fast approaching summer season. 

While some have created outdoor bars and treehouses for the kids using scrap timber, some parents are turning to online bargains to make over existing structures.

Rather then spending a fortune on a brand new wendy house for her daughter, one thrifty mum decided to pick one up for £60 on Facebook marketplace and do it up herself using  bargain buys.

Before the makeover, the wendy house was typical of any store bought play house  – brown in colour with a basic interior – but the crafty mum was able to make it look immaculate and modern with a splash of paint and items she'd purchased from eBay and Ikea.

The new play house loved by her young daughter features a white and soft pink colour pallette on the outside and throughout, and is decorated with flowers, frames and shelving units inside.

Photos show a kitchenette on one side of the play house equipped with a hob, kitchen utensils and a sink, while an arts and crafts section makes up other side.

Impressed with what she could do on a budget, the proud mum shared photos of the transformation on Facebook.

Posting to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she said: "DIY playhouse transformed for my daughter. I purchased this for £60 on Facebook market place," before detailing where she'd picked up the various decorative items. 

She revealed that she'd picked up the storage unit, frames, pots and book trough from Ikea, as well as the flowers in the window boxes outside.

The whiteboard she'd attached to the wall inside was from eBay, as well as the magnetic letters stuck to it.

Also from eBay was the sink and light up hob that make up the kitchen, and the door bell and house number planted on the door.

As for the rest, the clever mum said: "The sign: _beautifully_bespoke_ (shop on Instagram)
"Foam bricks: hobbycraft.

"Paint: cuprinol garden shades and ronseal.
"Stickers: Tara Michelle interior on Etsy."

The transformation proved popular with many mums eager to replicate one of their own.

Impressed by the makeover, one person said: "Looks lovely and bigger than I thought inside beautiful. "

"U r the best mum ever," another proclaimed, "That’s so amazing!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Love this!! I want one! Well done, it's fab!"

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