Mrs Hinch fans share amazing way to get rid of damp smells on your towels… and it costs just 29p

THERE'S nothing worse than doing a wash, only for your towels to emerge smelling damp.

But cleaning fans have come up with a brilliant way to get rid of that musty smell, and it costs just 29p.

A woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook to ask what other people use to avoid the smell on their towels.

"How do you get damp smells out of bath towels?" she wrote.

“I wash them with lots of fabric conditioner but the smell is still there. I was thinking of just getting rid of them unless anyone has any tips to save them.”

Hinchers – the name given to fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch – were quick to respond, with many giving the same advice.

"Wash in white vinegar instead of using fabric softener," one person replied.

And another agreed, writing: "Agreed, don’t use fabric conditioner, use white vinegar and I also put one small capful of Zoflora in the wash, smells amazing.”

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"White vinegar all the way, completely removes the bad odour you can smell," a third person added. "Super easy trick, amazing product.”

And given that a bottle of white vinegar costs from just 29p in supermarkets, the hack is a cheap and easy one.

Towels can smell damp if they have mildew on them – which is often the case if they're kept in a humid environment such as a bathroom – and vinegar contains acetic acid, which can help get rid of the smell.

To avoid the damp smell, it's best to dry towels on a radiator or heated towel rail after use, to make sure they don't stay wet for too long.

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