Laura Hamilton reveals how to add up to £100,000 to your home by spending virtually NOTHING

WHEN it comes to property value it’s the little things that can make a huge difference when you’re selling your home.

And property expert Laura Hamilton says you don’t have to spend a fortune to add a fortune to your home.

She says: “When you’re selling your house the way you style it can really determine how much someone wants to pay for it.

“You could have two houses next door to each other but one’s been styled in a way that you sell the lifestyle.”

Here she speaks exclusively to Fabulous Digital about how to add thousands to the value of your home…


Lighting should be thought about very carefully when you're selling your house.

Swap your bright white light bulbs for warm light bulbs as they make a house feel more homely.

Bright white light bulbs are quite stark and make a space feel more like an office.

Choose to have lamps on rather than overhead lights as it helps a room seem more cosy and welcoming.


Creating an outdoor living space can really add appeal to your garden.

It’s said that if you add extension to your home you can add £100,000 to the value, so if you can make your garden a more of a usable space year-round it’s almost like adding another room to your home.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune, simply adding a gazebo is an inexpensive way to achieve this.


A property has to ooze curb appeal for people to want to look at it in the first place.

You often hear ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but actually the cover is very important.

Simply by painting your front door black or dark grey can instantly make your property look more expensive.


If you live in an old house that has a dated kitchen you can bring it up to date just by retiling the space.

Try painting your kitchen units and replacing any old blinds to spruce your space up.


When it comes to the bathroom I always say you’re better off spending money on taps, as that’s ultimately what people will be impressed by. 

A well-dressed bathroom also makes an enormous difference, and you can do this very cheaply.

Create a colour scheme using towels and swap your towel rail for a ladder to bring your bathroom up to date.

Don’t hang towels over radiators, whatever you do!


The way you position a sofa or a bed can make a huge difference to how big a space feels.

Don’t be afraid to play around with furniture because it can really change the atmosphere of a room.

When it comes to your living room it is important to create a focal point, whether that’s the fireplace or a TV.

When it comes to a bedroom, when I walk in I want to see the bed facing me as that looks the most inviting.

And remember to keep doors open so that the room seems more welcoming.


You just can’t beat a crisp white bed linen.

You can add texture and character to the bed with the use of cushions and throws – but never leave the bed unmade. 


When people walk in you want your home to smell good.

You can either light scented candles or even a simple plug-in air freshener can really leave a good first impression.


Fresh flowers in a home can add a lovely finishing touch, but be careful to replace them once they’ve died.

You could even buy a decent bunch of fake flowers to finish off a room – and job done.


But don’t necessarily reach for the magnolia! Think outside the box and opt for an off-white.

Go into a paint merchant’s and ask them to mix-up a copycat colour of an expensive brand such as Farrow & Ball for a fraction of the price – and who will know! 


If you’ve got a family home and you’re looking to sell it to another family, they need to see the space works for them but they don’t want to see toys strewn about.

Keep your home neat and tidy and organised.

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