La DoubleJ Pre-Fall 2021

Imagine tuning in for a business Zoom call and finding yourself in the midst of a meditation retreat. Surprising to say the least.

That’s exactly what designer J.J. Martin does sometimes with representatives of her London PR agency. Having a conversation with Martin is always an uplifting experience — her joyful take on life is contagious and partly connected to her “hardcore spiritual practice,” as she put it.

“The world is upside down but La DoubleJ is good,” the designer said. “Our brand, which stands for raising your vibrations energetically and spreading joy, is more relevant than ever.”

La DoubleJ Editions Pre-Fall 2021

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For pre-fall, she managed to translate her optimistic buoyancy in clothes, expanding her vintage-inspired universe made up of floral prints and billowing silhouettes. A slinky jersey dress revealed some flash through cutouts on the arms of its blousy top, while a dramatic floor-length, peacock-printed gown exuded eccentric elegance, as did a raw cut overcoat featuring painterly floral motifs splashed over ivory wool cady.

The attitude also was conveyed via the introduction of an athleisure collection of practical leggings, bodysuits and lightweight windbreakers, all rendered in optical prints.

New accessories, including giga-scrunchies and silk-wrapped headbands to be layered with bejeweled ones, also made their way into the lineup. Who’s not focused on dressing from the waist up these days?

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