Kim Kardashian Looks Like Kris Jenner's Twin in Throwback Pic: 'What Is This Hairstyle?'

Like mother, like daughter!

Kim Kardashian West looks exactly like her mom Kris Jenner‘s mini-me in an epic throwback photo that the star shared on Monday morning.

While hanging out at home as she social distances amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Kardashian West, 39, dug up some old photos of herself and shared one on Instagram that has fans comparing the star to her famous momager.

“Found this pic of Allison and I from college and it made me LOL I have so many questions,” Kardashian West captioned the photo alongside longtime BFF Allison Statter. “What is this hair style? My turquoise liner?”

One fan commented of Kardashian West’s sweeping side bangs, “the kris jenner hairstyle.”

Another fan wrote, “You look so much like your mom 😱.”

“You have Kris’ hair style 😂😂,” commented a different fan.

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Kardashian West’s sister Khloé Kardashian also left a comment on the throwback pic, but she was more focused on Statter’s hand placement than her sister’s bangs. “My question is Why is she grabbing your chi chi????? 😘😘😘,” the Good American designer jokingly said.

Earlier this month, Kardashian West shared another old photo of herself as a teenager on Instagram.

In the photo, Kim stares at the camera with a serious gaze and wears a basic white tee and an edgy choker necklace. “90’s throwback,” she captioned the shot.

On March 14, she told fans that she’s been going through old photos while staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

She shared one selfie from about 11 years ago and said: “Bored and organizing lots of pics in my computer. Get ready for some good throw backs. This seems about 2009.”

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