I’m rebel 51 year old and I like wearing pigtails and leopard print – people think it's inappropriate but I don't care | The Sun

A WISE person once said the best thing you can be is yourself. 

There’s no use in fitting in or following a status quo, the happiest people are always their authentic selves.

One woman who isn't afraid to to be herself is Jennifer Cairns and she's says it's something to celebrate.

Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of Rebel World and the Lady Rebel Club, Jennifer is starting her own movement and band of rebels.

Jennifer decided to be courageous and start dressing how she wanted to. For Jen that meant pigtails and leopard print. 

She said: “Are you ever too old for pigtails? No – No you're not!”

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The fashion fan says she likes to express herself through bold and bright colours and patterns. 

She said: "My style is definitely 'rebelesque' and very eclectic!”

“Pigtails, leopard print and other fun things keep us mentally fit, motivated and enjoying life all the more (even when life throws oodles of hurdles at you)."

And Jennifer has faced her fair share of haters. 

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“I was bullied when I first started building my business online. I used to get told to be professional and that my clothes weren't appropriate for work, but I felt like I was wearing a corporate mask.” 

“Not everyone is gonna like my style and that’s fine. But I find strength in the way I dress.” 

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“I’ve made the decision to not hide who I am, all my strengths and hurdles, and instead build a business that suits me, my life and definition of success.”

Jennifer says her new sense of style encouraged her to start her brand and now others are following suit. 

“And others are joining me. It’s time to say no more hiding and be happier being our true selves and to know that being different does NOT make us less.”

Lady Rebel Club encourages women to be themselves even in difficult spaces. 

“Lady Rebel Club empowers, elevates and connects women and all marginalised genders entrepreneurs creatives, who have a disability 

“Our slogan at Lady Rebel Club is #NoMoreHiding, and that means dressing in a way that suits me and not changing to suit other people's expectations of what a 51-year-old or professional should dress like.”

Jennifer says she even surprised herself with how far her unique styled stretched. 

“My favourite colour is black, for sure! It's my staple. But then I usually always add a splash of spice – in a scarf, fingerless gloves, something.”

“Purple and now hot pink are in my top three. Red is a close runner-up, too.”

“Ironically I never liked pink for most of my life. It's only been recent that I've removed that block and see it as the fun, energetic, passionate and purposeful colour it is. Like me!”

“Now I wear a splash of it a lot, and the Lady Rebel Club colour palette is black with a splash of hot pink even. It's been in using that palette with the brand and hot pink is now in my top three favourite colours!”

"I lead by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. People who meet me online or in person can see that and are attracted to my authenticity."

"This included wearing my combat boots to the finals of the Women In Business Awards this past February!"

And where does Jennifer find these fabulous clothes you wonder? In your local second-hand store of course. 

“I LOVE charity shops and second-hand stores on and offline. You always find the best gems (including this dress with red lips and the black/red spotted cardigan – both second-hand). I love giving life to things that don't suit others.”


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Jennifer says she is not going to hide who she is and will continue breaking rules if that's what makes her happy. 

“Having a rebel attitude helped us skyrocket our brand and business. Having a fun, grateful attitude keeps us not only feeling young but gives us more confidence”

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And what does the future hold for this rebel you may ask?

Jennifer said; “Hubby and I joke I'll be buried in my combat boots and leopard print. I see myself being that quirky granny with purple hair, boots and leopard print leggings. I think, if anything, I'll get even funkier with time!”

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