I’m plus-size and never find nice jeans – I finally got an Amazon pair that hide my apron belly & make my bum look great | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has revealed that she can never find flattering jeans, so has done an Amazon haul in an attempt to get a pair that flatter her figure. 

Fashion fan Danielle ordered four pairs of jeans from Amazon – but was left with mixed reviews.

While she couldn’t zip up on pair of size 24 denims, thankfully, she found a pair that hide her apron belly and make her flat bum look great.

Showing off her new jeans on social media, Danielle explained: “I never wear jeans because they’re uncomfy so let's see if I can find a pair I actually like.

“I am the worst at wearing jeans. Last year, I barely wore jeans, except for when I was teaching.

“Problem is, I haven't found any that are comfortable. I would so much rather wear something stretchier.

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“So I bought some on Amazon to share with you to see if I can find a pair of jeans I like at a cheaper price that can get here quickly.”

Danielle started off her try-on haul with a pair of black Levi’s, as she said: “We're gonna start with the ones I'm wearing. I have four pairs of jeans in total. 

“First I got a black pair. These are Levi jeans. You guys, I have not worn a pair of jeans this good in such a long time.

“They're a little bit stretchy, so I have some room. But they suck you in.

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“I [kind of have] an apron belly, it definitely sticks out, but these flatten me so. 

“If you're looking for butt support, these are not the ones for you, I don't have a butt anyways.

“They have rips in the knees and I'm 5’11 and they hit at the absolute perfect length.

“I'm obsessed with these. They are very comfortable. And I have a hard time finding comfortable jeans, so these are definitely a win.

“I always size up in jeans just to be safe. Especially when they're straight leg like this, because I don't want it hugging my tummy.

“These are in a size 24, so, yeah, I love these.”

Danielle then tried on the next pair – blue skinny jeans, as she continued: “Here's the thing I need to tell y'all, though. As much as straight jeans are in, I'm a skinny jean girly through and through. 

“So I got a pair of skinny jeans just because this is what I'm most comfortable in.

“Well, they're a little too short for me, though. These are also a size 24, because I never know on Amazon sizing. 

“I like these because they suck you in, but they don't feel too tight.

“It hides [my belly] pretty well.”

Danielle turned to the side and was open-mouthed at how the jeans made her flat bum look, as she added: “Oh, the booty looks. What? I don't have a booty. Oh, girl! 

“I love them, but they're a little too short. These fit me so beautifully, but they're not long enough.

“They're good here [belly] and my booty. Slay. 

“I'm in love with being tall. But I will say finding jeans is really difficult because most of the time – way too short. But that's okay. We're gonna keep looking.”

Danielle moved on to the third pair in her denim haul, a lighter shade of blue jeans, but struggled to do them up as she admitted: “Already, no way. No way.

"These are the same size as the other ones. I can't even get them zipped a little bit.

“So if you're gonna get these, size up. But I don't like them enough. Even if they were bigger, they're still a little bit too short.

“I don't care about this because jeans are supposed to fit you. You are not supposed to fit in the jeans.

"So just get a bigger size, smaller size, whatever you wish. 

“Getting jeans on and off is not for the week. I'm sweating.”

Danielle then tried on her last pair of denims – some white jeans – as she concluded: “I wanna try a pair of white jeans. I love wearing them in the fall and winter.

“When I was a teacher, these were a go to, so I got a new pair, hopefully these are more comfortable.

“They're stretchy and they're straight legged instead of skinny. It says slimming and we're about that.”

However, once again, Danielle struggled to do the jeans up, as she noted: “These aren't very stretchy. It's crazy how sizing works. Again, I always size up so this doesn't happen.

“I was excited about these. I thought these were gonna fit for sure. They fit me, [but] would I wear them? No.

“This [jeans clinging on belly] is what I don’t like. I'm confident, but not like this.

“I'm gonna stick to white jeans that are skinny. Moral of the story is, I tried four pairs and I got one that I like. So sometimes you have to have a process of elimination.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @daniellexstyles, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed 31,800 views.

Social media users tok to the comments to share their thoughts – as many were very impressed with Danielle’s second pair. 

One person said: “Second ones are super cute. Keep them. Roll them up once and wear them with booties or something.” 

Another added: “I think the second pair were a good length on you!” 

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A third commented: “Girl I actually really love that second pair on you!!!!” 

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