I’m midsize fashion expert – this is the underwear you need to suck in your stomach | The Sun

A PLUS size woman has raved about underwear that sucks in your stomach and is extremely flattering.

TikTok user Dani, who posts under @midsizefashionblogger, revealed her game-changing find in a video, and it has racked up 10,000 likes.

She started by saying “let’s talk about the fupa”, which is a nickname given by some to “fat upper pubic area”.

Dani said: “This video is not to tell you how to get rid of it, the purpose of this video is to give you some tips and tricks into how to embrace it and how to work with it.”

She said she swears by a Savage X Fenty high-waisted thong.

Dani said: “This one right here is really great because it comes up pretty high-waisted and it has a little bit extra tug so it does suck you in a little bit in that fupa area.”

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The plus size fashionista also raved about underwear with a thicker band on the side.

She explained: “They are going to give you that security and they are going to give you just enough tug so you get extra coverage in this area.”

Dani said she couldn’t stress more the importance of having underwear that is your size.

She explained: “If you are wearing underwear that is way too tight, it’s just going to cause different bulges and rolls and it’s not going to give you the security you want in this area right here.”

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Many people were quick to comment on her underwear recommendation.

One said: “Great video.”

Another added: “Thank you sis!!! Honestly do Gods work!!!”

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