I'm fabulous at 57 – I feel and look my best, I'm older and wiser and even design my own dresses | The Sun

A 57-YEAR-OLD woman has embraced her sassy side, so she can look and feel her best.

She shared that she feels fabulous at her age and being older and wiser has given her the skill set to design her own fashionable dresses.

Content creator Stoney Godly (@stoneyexperience) is a model, fitness lover, and influencer.

She uses her platform to showcase her many interests and personal achievements as a 57-year-old woman.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers how she felt "fabulous at 57" and look and felt her best.

She dressed in a chic dress and emitted class and style as she strutted her stuff.

When the video began, she stood in her kitchen decked out in a sleeveless floral red mid-calf length dress.

"I've made a commitment to myself that even if I'm simply just going grocery shopping or maybe just going out for a short ride, I will make sure I look my best," a voiceover said.

Stoney stepped forward and turned around and posed and stepped back as she confidently showed the garment off from multiple angles.

"Stunning and absolutely beautiful dear," a viewer commented on the video.

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The beauty is also known for making her own dresses and shares unique looks in many of her TikTok videos.

In a particular video, she displayed a timeless black off-the-shoulder dress with white polka dots that she designed herself and hugged her curvy body.

Her hair was fluffed out around her face in a full fro as she posed for the camera holding a red purse.

Many people were in awe of her hard work.

"I really admire your skills Ms. Stoney," a fan praised.

"Job Well Done Young Lady," another complimented.

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