I'm built like a big-body Benz and tried on the teeniest skirt I own – it has a hidden feature that gives me security | The Sun

A FASHION influencer has tried on the teeniest skirt she's ever owned but thanks to a hidden feature, says she still feels secure in it.

The fashionista was thrilled with the purchase, which came as part of a matching jacket and skirt set.

Ariel (@arielstinn) shared the shopping haul try-on in a video with her TikTok followers.

She held up the I Am Gia denim skirt, $80, that had just arrived in the mail and was shocked by how tiny it was.

"Oh wow, she's little, the little shorts are peeking out," she said.

The influencer joked that she was unsure if the skirt would suit her considering her body type: "I'm kind of built like a big-body Benz if you can tell, so let's see if this fits," she laughed.

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After pulling the skirt on, she reminded herself that miniskirts should be "the size of a belt," and turned around to reveal her panties sticking out the back.

Still, Ariel was shocked that the miniskirt wasn't as revealing as she had expected it to be: "It's not giving that much buttcheek," she assured her viewers.

She lifted what little fabric there was to the skirt to reveal built-in shorts: "I love that it has little shorts, give me a little sense of security," she said.

Next, she paired the skirt with the matching denim jacket, $120, which she loved but wished she had sized down for.

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All in all, the set was a successful purchase for her: "It actually turned out fire, definitely adding to my fall outfits," she said.

People were equally as obsessed with the outfit as she was and made sure she knew.

"It's so cute though but the shorts are always perfect in skirts," said one commenter.

Others couldn't get over the teeny skirt: "I loooovvvveeee the skirt," said another.

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