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MOVING through the busy maze between showroom setups and scattered decor makes it hard for you to notice everything Ikea offers.

According to a store fan, hidden gems are packed between the more obvious items at Ikea, and they're quite the bargain.

Lifestyle YouTuber Kristen McGowan specializes in providing subscribers with the best home decor deals.

In her recent video, she takes viewers along with her while she shops for her favorite Ikea items that most people don't know about.

"Usually, when you think of Ikea, you think of plain, simple, affordable furniture, but there is so much more than that packed in that big store," Kristen says as she sits in her car before going in.

The first item is on the set of one kitchen.


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"A hidden gem you would never expect to be sold at Ikea is actually this ring light and tripod set," Kristen explains.

This light is the LÅNESPELARE for $39.99.

It has different temperature settings and adjustable angles.

Next, a memory foam pillow is calling from beneath the stack.

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The $59.99 KLUBBSPORRE pillow is colder on one side than the other.

"I love memory foam pillows. I know people have different tastes, but this is actually a next-level pillow because it has a cooling pad built right in," Kristen says.

Ikea sells a 32-inch by 32-inch cooling pad separately, called the REXBEGONIA for $14.99.

You can put this pad inside a pillow you already have, in your comforter, on your couch, or for your pets.

"If you're working on any DIY project like a furniture flip or a kitchen makeover where you have to install pulls and handles, you could probably really use this drill template," Kristen offers.

For just $2.99, the FIXA helps with placing screws in the right way.

You can hook the template on a drawer, over a door, or place it against the wall.

"Ikea has drills and very easy-to-use tools that are great for beginners. They have all the little necessities that you need," Kristen says.

Her go-to is the FIXA 260-piece screw and plug set for $11.99.

However, she highly recommends buying at least one of their FIXA tool sets if you're a beginner DIY.

Finding the exact length of curtains you want is difficult, but luckily there's a way to make any long option what you need.

Ikea sells the SY Iron-on hemming tape for $1.99.

Kristen says this tape is "fast and efficient."

What you may not know about Ikea is that they're also a bit of an art and crafts store.

"If you are a teacher or a parent looking for craft and paint and art sets, I would shop them at Ikea. They are such a good deal here," Kristen admits.

The MÅLA portable drawing case for $14.99 is a must.

Beginning your collection of cleaning supplies is tricky.

Kristen recommends the new line of PEPPRIG supplies at Ikea.

They have $1.29 sponges, $3.99 brushes, and $2.49 spray bottles.

The entirety of the PEPPRIG collection is downstairs in the marketplace.

While the KALAX units may be well-known already, people don't realize there are tons of insert options to fill the slots.

"If you really don't want to see the clutter build up in these pieces, you should definitely get these inserts," Kristen suggests.

From bottle organizers to glass shelves, the options are endless.

"I think all of the Ikea jars, bottles, and canisters are hidden gems," Kristen admits.

These affordable organizing tools are tucked away in the kitchen showroom cupboards.

And the perfect spice jars are the four-pack IHÄRDIG ones for $3.99.

Referring to the $8 FJÄDRAR pillow inserts, Kristen says: "There's a lot in the pillow section that I would skip past, but I would not skip past these."

Stepping up your cutlery game works best with TILLAGD 20-piece flatware set for $79.99.

Down in the marketplace, Kristen explains that there's one aisle packed with kitchen supplies under $5.

The $3.99 SLÄT egg slicer and $4.99 SPRITTA apple slicer are two everyday tools she uses in her kitchen.

But the $2.79 PRODUKT milk-frother wins over her heart.

"Lastly, the 'As-Is' section. This is the hidden gem department of the entire store. This is like an Ikea thrift store," Kristen says.

The department is filled with returns, discontinued items, and sold-out items for up to 50% off.

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"I didn't know most of this stuff existed, especially the hemming tape, that cost way more in a fabric store! Thanks Kristen," an appreciative fan of Kristen's wrote.

Another obsessed viewer commented: "This is why I like IKEA stuff…they always have new items. Love the shelves and inserts I could use that alot. Thanks Kristen for inspiring me."

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