I’m a vet & there are three dog toys pet owners shouldn't buy – they could end up costing you a fortune in health bills | The Sun

ANY dog owner will know just how easy it is to walk into a pet food store, only to walk out with a bag full of treats for your four-legged friend.

But according to one vet, there are three dog toys all pet owners should avoid…because they can be dangerous and rack up huge vet bills.

The man, who posts under the name the Melrose vet, posted a clip to TikTok (@themelrosevet) and wrote: "Here are three dog toys I recommend avoiding at the pet store."

First up, he urges pet owners to steer clear of purchasing rubber latex balls.

"The rubber that covers the latex ball has a hole that can easily get stuck on your dog's lip or tongue," he explains.

Next, he notes how stuffed toys should also be avoided.


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"Dogs can tear those apart," he warns.

"They're filled with a lot of foreign material that can easily get stuck in their gut."


Finally, he tells dog owners to never buy their beloved pooch any small toys.

"Dogs can easily choke on those," he points out.

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"Avoid them at all costs."

Fabulous previously told how dog owners had been warned to avoid giving their four-legged friends sticks because they could have deadly consequences.

It came after the British Veterinary Association revealed the risks involved with letting your dog play with a stick.

They warned: "Whilst throwing sticks for your dog can appear like a great form of play, the dangers are all too well known by veterinary surgeons.

"Sticks can get impaled into a dog’s throat, and whilst this may just cause minor wounds, some dogs will suffer life threatening injuries such as lacerations of the vital structures within the neck as well as multi-resistant bacterial infections."

Dog trainer and educator Susan Garrett also reiterated the warning after witnessing several horrifying accidents.

She explained: "I personally know of dogs who have gone after the stick, and when they dove at it to pick it up, it impaled down their throat and barely missed an artery."

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