I’m a stylist – the 5 luxury dupes I love including a £40 watch that looks just like an £8,000 one | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than eyeing up a gorgeous pair of shoes or piece of jewellery online, only to click and realise it's way out of your price range.

Luckily, one savvy influencer has decided to compile her list of the best dupes for designer products she’s come across – and they’re also under £100. 

Monica, who posts on social media platforms as @TheMonicaWay, has racked up nearly 40k likes on her videos helping people look uber-stylish without breaking the bank. 

And in a recent video, she tells those who “love luxury fashion, but don’t quite have the budget to match” to listen up while she shares her top high-end alternatives. 

Monica starts things off with her “all-time favourite”: the Sekonda Monica watch, which you can pick up for just £44.99. 

“This here is the most glorious watch,” she tells viewers, pointing out that it looks near identical to Cartier’s £8k Panthère de Cartier one. 

Not only that, but it comes in a range of gorgeous colourways – including a version with a leather strap and one in plain gold – so you can make sure it matches the rest of your jewellery. 

“When I tell you this watch gets mistaken as the luxury version on me all the time, I’m not joking,” adds the stylish influencer. 

Monica’s next shout out goes to a pair of £98 nude-and-black VIVAIA court shoes. 

It might sound like a bit of a splurge, she admits, but when you consider they’re a dead ringer for a Chanel pair that sell for over £1k, they’re actually a pretty thrifty buy. 

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“They are so comfortable,” Monica adds, adding that the eco-friendly clogs are even made out of recycled plastic water bottles. 

The savvy spender’s third recommendation is for a stunning gold plated necklace embellished with flower shapes, which retails for just £13.95. 

That’s already impressive – but even more so when you realise it looks just like the one sold by Van Cleef & Arpels, which would set you back a ginormous £7.9k. 

Monica raves about the product’s quality, adding that she’s had it for a year and it’s still in “immaculate condition” and makes any outfit look “so chic”. 

Her final tip is to pick up REORIA’s £19.99 white tank-top from Amazon. 

Not only is it a “great layering basic” – it looks nearly identical to SKIMS’s £64 offering, despite costing £40 less. 

“And when I tell you the quality is amazing,” Monica adds, “I’m not kidding.”

“It’s double-lined, so you don’t even need to wear a bra with it.” 

The super-stylish creator finished her video by reminding followers that “you don’t need to spend thousands to look amazing”. 

And viewers flocked to the comments to share their agreement.

“I have the gold version of the Sekonda watch ,” one wrote. “My bf got it for me for our anniversary and I wear it everyday, it's just so comfy and gorgeous looking.” 


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“Love the shoes, they look stylish but comfy too,” a second added. 

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