I'm a size 10 curve model – I'm constantly told I'm either too skinny or too fat but I'm really just perfectly average | The Sun

A CURVE model has shared that she's constantly told she's too small or too big, though she feels she's fine just the way she is – average.

Taking to social media, she shared her struggle with viewers and showed some body positivity.

In a video, the size 10 model (@sixtine) wore a blue bikini and turned to give viewers the full scope of her body as a TikTok audio with some motivational words played in the background.

"Calling all women sizes eight to 18," the voiceover in the clip said.

"Women that aren't normal sized and aren't plus sized but are an awkward in between.

"Welcome to the mid-sized club. Let's normalize mid-size bodies and show some love to our little mid-sized queens."

The brunette beauty expressed an issue she often faces in the caption of her video.

"As a curve model I am CONSTANTLY either too skinny or too fat so here’s to normalizing being perfectly average," she wrote.

Viewers who understood her struggle shared their experiences in the comments.

"I always feel so uncomfy because some people say I'm not fat enough to be called plus-sized and I'm certainly not skinny. Thank you for making me feel normal," one person wrote.

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"I’m a size six but sometimes eight since some stores have weird sizing, and I already feel in between, so sizes 10-14 must be the most in-between possible," another said.

To which the curve model responded: "It literally is. Am I a medium, am I a large? Or sometimes they’ll throw me for a spin and I can fit a small? So fun."

Another stressed woman shared her experience with sizing.

"Size literally eight through 14 and small to extra large, don’t you love not ever having two pieces of clothing that are the same size?" she said.

And another grateful woman added: "This is SO nice… I am almost exactly your size and finding a bathing suit is a nightmare. Thank you so much for doing these!!" she wrote.

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