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A PERSONAL stylist has shared her sleeves hack that will actually make your hips look slimmer while still looking fashionable.

The fashion expert shared the "ultimate slimming trick" on TikTok that takes any woman's outfit from drab to fab while leaning them out.

Stylist Camellia Jade, known as @camelliajade on the platform, enthralled viewers with her quick tip to not only take your outfit up a notch but also slim your hips and accentuate your waist.

Much of the fashion lover's social media content focused on popular trends, slimming tricks for wider-hipped women, and style recommendations for all body shapes.

What makes her content different is that she uses real-life examples with the clients from the women's clothing boutique store works for, Stylefinder, to demonstrate the advice.

The 39-second video showcases Jade styling one of her clients and informing her, as well as the audience, about the simple fashion hack.


I’m a fashion stylist – look instantly taller and slimmer with my easy fixes

The video begins with Camellia standing next to another woman whose body shape and outfit are being used as an example for the hack.

She is wearing a black form-fitting midi dress and tossed a denim jacket on top with the sleeves rolled down.

The female client is wearing an army green maxi dress with a V-neckline with a denim jacket tossed on top.

"You like it with the jacket right?" Jade asks her client at the start of the video.

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If you're a woman with a little extra bulk near her hips and want to appear more slimmed down, then this next hack is for you.

After receiving approval, she moves into the science behind the sleeves trick.

"What we want to do is we always want to push up our sleeves," she says as she demonstrates the task on one sleeve.

The maxi dress the female client is wearing already has a slenderizing effect, but pushing the sleeves up on the jacket also adds to it.

"And then when you push your sleeves up, that also will help take away from your hips," she adds.

Jade then comes behind her client and showcases the visual difference between one side with the sleeve up and the other with it down.

"When you roll up your sleeve, it creates separation," she says to the client. "If you have your sleeve down, it actually creates extra bulk near your widest part.

"Wow, that's crazy. It really does make a difference," her client responds.

Jade looks extremely satisfied with her client's response and says, "Yeah? New style tip to take home with you!"

The style example then cheers a loud, "Yay!" as the video comes to a close.

The video commenters also offered their own thoughts on the trick, and they seemed overwhelmingly positive.

"Who knew???? (Run and rolls sleeves on jean jacket, cardigans, anything with long sleeves)," one user commented.

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"I love rolling the sleeves up! I am gonna show this to my son haha," another added.

"That’s why I love a cropped jacket!" another shared.

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