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FOR first-time pregnant women, the information overload about so-called necessary baby products can be overwhelming. 

Chrissy Horton, a parenting expert and mom-of-four expecting her fifth child, spoke to The Sun about those gadgets and goodies that aren’t as important for your little one as you may think.

Chrissy has been down the pregnancy path five times now, so she knows a thing or two about the multi-million-dollar baby industry.

To document her journey and offer a platform for new moms, she started a blog called Horton Lane, and has gained a following of nearly 100k users on Instagram.

She revealed the five products that you could skip out on, and what you should buy instead:


We’ve all seen those expensive laundry and dish detergents that come in tiny bottles and are marketed exclusively for babies.


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Chrissy said they’re a waste of money.

“You don't need that stuff. They’re small, they’re expensive, and now you’re doing a whole other load of laundry that is just for your baby’s clothes.

“Instead, get a quality laundry detergent that the whole family can use.”

Chrissy added that your baby will be rubbing up against your clothes anyway, so it’s useless to wash their onesies in a different detergent than your own.

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She recommends Molly Suds, a brand that was developed by a fellow mother and one that is made with safe, natural ingredients.

“And same with dish soap. Just get a high-quality dish soap and wash their pacifiers and bottles with the rest of your dishes. Don't do these extra things.”

She recommends one from the brand Puracy.


In recent years, wipe warmers – which typically go for $20-$30 – have become extremely popular.

Mothers notice their baby’s intense reaction to a cold wipe on their bum, so they think a wipe warmer is the answer.

Chrissy said it isn’t. 

“Not only have a ton of them been recalled due to electrical issues, but I think having something that's moist and warm all the time cannot be the most sanitary thing.

“And then on top of that, it will make changing your baby difficult when you're out and about.

“You’re not going to be able to bring your wipe warmer with you everywhere, and if they’re only used to a warm wipe, that won’t be good.”


Stinky diapers are unavoidable with babies, and frequent changes are one of the less glamorous requirements of parenting.

If you’re expecting, you’ve probably come across those $60 and $70 sleek diaper genie trash cans that claim to mask the smell of old diapers.

The pregnancy and mothering expert said they’re a waste of money.

“With those genies, each diaper is individually wrapped by the machine, and it's supposed to block out the smell. But really, it does not.

“I have been in a nursery with one of those and it still smells like dirty diapers. And it's just a lot more trash bags you're using.”

Instead, Chrissy said to invest in a solid stainless-steel trashcan – one that has a tight seal and a foot pedal so that you don’t have to open it with your hands.

“I got a $50 one, so it wasn't a cheap trash can, but I can use that trash can for the rest of my life even once I'm out of the diaper phase.”


Although babies look delicious and cozy in those lion and lamb-shaped hooded towels, they aren’t really necessary.

“They will grow out of them insanely fast.”

Instead of spending $40 on one of those, she said you can just use your own towel for the little one.

“I like using my towels better because I can get them all wrapped up, I can get their head, I can get them really warm right after the bath. Whereas with the hooded towels, you can only cover them so much.”

She did admit, however, that even she has bought a few of those adorable, furry hooded towels because they’re hard to resist.

“And if you want one for photos or you just think it's cute, knock yourself out. But you don’t NEED it.”


Chrissy’s final tip was to skip the body lotions marketed specifically for babies.

“Baby lotions don't necessarily have different ingredients than other lotions that you would buy.”

She said you shouldn’t be fooled by the targeted ads and appealing scents.

“My suggestion is to reach out to a dermatologist or search online for a lotion that’s actually doctor-approved.”

She uses one from the brand Vanicream for the whole family, baby included.

Chrissy wants new moms to know that you don’t have to totally break the bank by buying all the gadgets you read about.

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“I promise you, you don't need a lot.

“How did we get this far without our swings and our bassinets and our bouncers? Yeah, it can be a luxury, it can be nice and it can be helpful, but babies really, really don't need much.”

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