I’m a mum & my ‘lazy b**ch dinner’ is a family favourite even though there are only three ingredients, it’s a lifesaver | The Sun

A MUM-of-three shared the quick and easy dinner she makes for her family when she can't be bothered cooking but still wants something tasty and filling.

Samrita Holland, from Australia, only uses three ingredients to make the comfort dish.

Not only that, but the recipe is perfect if you've ever got some potatoes that need using up.

Samrita said: "Some people might call these scallop potatoes, but I feel like scallop potatoes are more work."

To start, peel your potatoes, the mum used around one kilo, but you can use more or less depending on how many people you're cooking for.

Peel them and cut them into chunks – they don't have to be even or "too fancy", she explained.


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Once all your spuds are roughly chopped add in a packet mix of french onion soup mix, any brand will do.

Sprinkle the entire pack over the potatoes, followed by enough cream to cover the potatoes in the dish.

"It's as simple as that. Aluminium foil on top and I'm going to pop them into the oven," the mum said.

Unlike roast potatoes, the aim isn't to get crispy or crunchy spuds, so Samrita checked on them just before they were done to push them into the cream a bit more.

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She said: "They cook quite quickly as they almost boil in the cream in the oven."

Once the potatoes are all soft right through and golden on the top it's time to take them out and dig in.

"They are not pretty but god damn, they are the best things you will ever eat," the mum raved.

Fellow foodies and lazy cooks loved the simple dish, even if some of them weren't sure about Samrita's methods.

One commented on the clip: "It's best to whisk up the soup powder and cream, then pour it over for even distribution."

But the mum disagreed, she said: "No way! Doing it this way means you get these unexpected pockets of flavour and that's the best part."

Someone else wrote: "I add bacon pieces and chives to mine. I agree, so yum!"

"We make a similar one using powdered chicken stock, it's soooo good," another commented.

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